“The birth of Oopsy & Oopsy” will showcase original works and bags designed by Erica Kim, the founder of luxury brand Oopsy Oopsy. Erica’s work aims to deliver a sense of long-lasting joy, harmony, and stability in the world.

In today’s modern and fast-paced society, Erica finds that the secret to a successful business lies in unceasing passion, diligence, and humanistic goals, which in turn make a positive impact on people's lives in their own unique ways. The philosophy of the brand, commented by the artist, is to convey the sense of nostalgia and enthusiastic spirituality through graphic elements that combine reality and fantasy. Through collaborative work with talented craftsmen, the artist wishes to promote her brand as a mass luxury brand that touches on youthful hearts of all ages around the world.

Erica Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in the autumn of 1975. She studied in the United States when she was a child and later pursued her dreams as an art student in New York. As one of the granddaughters of Shi Choon (Si Chun) Park, an influential composer in Korea, the artist had the privilege of growing up around art. Park’s music helped foster and establish Korea’s national identity, as well as encouraged citizens to endure the Korean War in the 1950s, one of Korea’s most painful eras. His artistic influence and grandfatherly love directly and personally contributed to widening Erica’s own artistic vision. Under the loving guidance of Erica’s grandfather and family, Erica’s passion for the arts flourished greatly.