Every year, in September, well over 1600 vendors and over 20,000 buyers travel to Vicenza, Italy, to participate to the Vicenza Oro event; Vicenza Oro is an international occurrence where handcrafted jewels are exposed. Almost half of the visitors, and over three hundred and fifty vendors, come from overseas; designers, stylists, and fashion creators all look at Vicenza Oro to determine the trends that the public will see in stores, as well as the fashion runways for the upcoming year.

The exhibition of the latest trends in the autumn of gold and jewels, specifically focuses on Italian and international retailing, with the participation of 1400 exhibitors from major Italian gold districts and over 30 foreign countries. By participating to the event, retailers obtain the opportunity not only to get a preview of what will be new for the winter and the holidays, but also to upgrade what they already offer.

Vicenza Oro is not just a place where participants develop new contacts and create new networks, but it becomes the place for a technical comparison between employees and experts in the jewelry business, but also an important opportunity for communication with others with the same interests and passion at heart.

The market for yellow gold remains a high selling point, and this past September a tribute to the market with Gold Expressions. The items from Gold Expressions have remained at the exposition entrance for the entire duration of the event, and it has featured new and creative works by the goldsmith artists. The exhibits are now scheduled to be displayed in China, the Middle East, and the United States, as part of an international marketing promotion.

The jewelry business has to realign itself with the current world economy after suffering sales losses in 2003. The American dollar is at this time of a lesser value compared to the Euro, and less American vendors and buyers were present at the 2005 Vicenza Oro event. However, with the growth in the Far East economy, Italian jewelry manufacturers are focusing to cater to these rising markets and to build a business relationship with them.

In addition to the gold fair, Vicenza Oro also offers presentations, sub-genre conventions, technical seminars, and comparable exhibitions. Together with the Gold Expressions exhibits, this year Vicenza Oro included an exhibit on platinum called The Spirit of Love, and the well known Oromachine exhibit, the only event in the world that focuses on the machinery devoted to the production of gold and silver jewelry.

The present design styles feature items that are larger but lighter in weight, such as woven fine-mesh gold rings and necklaces.

Multi-strand chains and jointed, lariat-style “Y” necklaces that accentuate light-catching movement are also becoming very popular.

Pearls, and specifically freshwater pearls, have been in style in this year’s event, and many retailers are utilizing them in their current lines in unique and unconventional ways.

Rings have become bolder, characterized by large enamel designs or moveable gemstone clusters, making them the wearer’s most outstanding piece.

Among other items displayed at Vicenza Oro, flowers, spirals, swirls, loops, geometrics, crosses, and far eastern symbols for luck are still playing an important role.

Although the word oro means gold, there were plenty of silversmiths wowing the crowds and regardless of Italy’s adherence to tradition, unconventional materials like wood, bone, and metal alloys are also starting to occupy a significant role within the market.

Charms and charm bracelets remain a strong seller; in short, the gold and silver fashion has items that are suitable for buyers with more traditional taste and consumers who do not like to adhere to long-established styles but like to be unconventional and eccentric.

Sellers are already getting ready for the next exhibition for September of next year, while buyers are waiting for the event with anticipation.