The Pope. He rarely ceases to cause me irritation. I normally just groan, roll my eyes and move on. However, when statements such as the one he made Monday, as reported in The Huffington Post come about - this is when my sinners blood boils and I get angry and actually quite sad.

Before I continue my rather passionate and indulgent diatribe - please let me qualify that my issues are with him and not all those involved in tainting the beautiful works carried out by the enlightened and compassionate followers of the church.

So "Gay marriage is a threat to humanity". Where is his humanity? Instead of inspiring people, comforting his followers and others in these very difficult times he is spreading his mis-informed bigotry. Perpetuating hatred. For 'God is not love' where he and many of his followers are concerned. Fire and Brimstone. Hypocrisy and humiliation.

With over fifty percent of straight marriages falling into divorce courts with fractured families and confused children, one would think that anything promoting love, harmony and unity would be a celebrated thing for all- regardless of religion. Not for this one. Not content with covering up the rampant institutionalised child sex abuse perpetuated by his clergy and paying hundreds of millions in settlements to the victims for their silence, fraternising and canonising Nazi sympathisers, and becoming a public health threat by telling the most vulnerable his flock in Africa, a country ravaged by AIDS, that condoms actually promoted - rather than prevented - the spread of HIV. The list is, sadly, endless.

It makes my soul and heart burn with anguish when I read about another child bullied for his sexual orientation and committing suicide as a result.
This shall not happen.

The pain of the child and his or her families and friends is overwhelming. Does this corrupted man have no shame? It appears not - but he has a voice which could be used to comfort and promote love and acceptance rather that prejudice. I mean, talk about something else, whatever you personal opinions are, but leave the hate and marginalisation to hillbillies and politicians.

Perhaps he could tackle other vulnerable subjects like getting rid of the homeless - awfully bothersome people, always with thier grubby hands out. He might also take up ridiculing X- factor contestants - I lose the will to live when viewing these mediocre robots in all their H+M 'haute couture', or perhaps people with bad shoes, like CROCS - enough said. Not to mention badly dressed children - no excuse for passing on bad taste mummy and daddy, get help, get a stylist for your little one.

My five-year old daughter has been taught from day one to not see different as bad or scary. She is not ignorant. She needs to be where one can find love and solace. Probably not in the same place where this leader is.

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