Beauty stared proudly at her reflection in the vermeil mirror,
while her golden cup held a mixed glass of Perrier and Tasmanian rain.
Spoke the mirror to her in a fervent dream -"Wake up from your egocentricity!"
O how the tears of fizzing water splashed in her face as the beast Narcissus deemed her vain and stained.

Great beauty smiled sublimely as she adorned her neck with Akoya and Kasumiga Pearls in a graceful way.
For hours she stared at her appearance analyzing it until the sunlight came, rustling the leaves at the break of day.
Smitten by her image, it became a display of bride and bridegroom stuck in her romance of mental dimensions.
Nightingales sang and cinnamon scops owls hooted at sunrise to the mystery of the opera singer.

Beauty smelt her centifolia and grandiflora roses, snapping her sharpened fingers.
'Tis an evident axiom that true beauty ought to come from within.
The melodist blew velvety kisses to the mirror with soft innocent smiles,
as the vainglorious beast agreed to her actions while cachinnating at this mistaken child.

So lively her face lit up at her reflection of facial symmetry and Koeslag's koinophilia.
How glorious is this vision and the humour of a beauty?
Pleasure she gained watching old canvases of her youth.
The lady brought this art making comparisons before the mirror displaying the truth.

The Great Finsteraarhorn and Schreckhorn waved at her human age
as her divine glamour faded with time.
But by a Scottish philosopher's words, in the mind a person is truly beautiful within.
If certain, 'tis contradictory to her as the Beauty's contemptuous interior said otherwise.

This colloquy about 'beauty' taught Narcissus the beast as her haughty words showed her superficiality.
For by worldly standards, the woman's exterior had been aged and ugly.
Ah! The complex gift of beauty declared not to trust his true reflection as it may deceive him.
Of self- love and perception, she protected her image as beauty had been in the eye of the

What immortality existed in the thoughts for the flushing blood of this lady,
where heavenly bodies lied before her archangelic wing.
Twinkles of light entered Rayonnant rose windows as in the Notre de Paris.
Knowing her shadow's image in a pool of water, sternly she questioned her beauty once again.

O! Trembling woman wrapped up in a paranoid fixation on perfection and mathematics
with the eyes of Pythagoras before
a group of imaginary men.
The relieved sigh of a classical beauty with style and fashion from Renaissance Europe where the sun was most torrid!
May it be a gentlewoman's charisma, elegance, confidence, intelligence or personality?
Wherever she existed in the society she lived, defining the sensational woman called

Written in 2010