It is a bitter reality that our time in this world is for a short while before we all leave again to a world beyond our comprehension, and what is more bitter is to bear the sorrowful departure of the people with whom we share precious memories and moments. No matter how accustomed we attempt to be with such an inevitable realization, the perpetual departure of our loved ones continues to leave us hollow as if one part of a whole has been heartlessly taken away.

I have recently experienced the loss of a very dear person who left so abruptly denying us the chance for a proper farewell. Her name was “Qaddisse” which would be rendered as Holy. She was like a loving grandmother for so many people and a mentor whose wisdom is the distillation of long years of hardships. She did not have children, and yet she remarkably succeeded in manifesting a flawless motherhood to so many people around her including myself. It is due to her unconditional giving and love that I have grown to admirer elders and never hesitate to offer them a reverence they proudly deserve. She is no longer amongst us, yet her exemplary deeds will keep her memory alive even beyond the lifetime of all those who knew her.

If life is measured by the precious and meaningful moments we experience, then I am honored to have spent a considerable quality time with this amazing human being, whose talks, stories, and lessons will continue to guide me and many others and accompany us as a loyal friend or a guardian angel. She was a living proof that elders are such a blessing in our life, and the lessons they embody are not to be taken for granted. The legacies they generously bestow upon us cost them their whole life to attain, and nothing offers them more contentment than sharing their personal heritage with us.

Among the things I will always remember are those precious lessons she said to me, such as “always be the person you are, remain true to yourself, as offer nothing but respect to yourself and others.” She was always keen as well that I understand her advice regarding relationships saying to “never settle for what is less than any woman deserves, better be an independent, educated, and free woman rather than submit for an unhappy life or a partner who does not know how to genuinely respect and appreciate a woman.” She always said “value what matters most in life, and those are never things, but friends, family, spirituality, knowledge, respect, social life, giving, modesty, and faith.” These are but very few of the wisdom she lovingly shared with us always wishing us to have happier and more tranquil lives than the challenging and harsh life she endured.

This is a modest piece of writing in the memory of a much beloved old lady who is no more amongst us. Even though you had no kids of your own, rest assured that you were a loving and unforgettable mother to so many kids and adults who can never forget your tender and indispensable presence in their lives that your memory will be a blessing we will always carry and bestow on our friends, kids, and all the people we will live to know. May you rest in peace, and you will always be loved, remembered, cherished and highly respected.

It is as well a dedication for all the mothers, fathers, grandparents and elders whose memory is stolen by the business of modern life; and a kind reminder to give ourselves time to embrace and appreciate the elders who are still blessing us with their presence and unfathomable love, before they too surrender to the wheel of nature.