The circus owned by the Lippiano family had seen many changes over the years. It was started by Don Filippiano Lippiano a hundred years ago, and in the early days it was full of contented animals, captivated children and happy parents. One fantastic circus act followed another, and all the performers loved their work. Every day the animals, the acrobats, the magicians and the clowns were given their favorite food to eat.

But as time went on, things started to change. The sons and daughters of Don Filippiano Lippiano were less interested in the circus than in the money it made. And so the Lippiano Circus lost the magic that had made it so special. The latest owner, Don Alfredo Lippiano, was only interested in one thing - money!

He wanted to save money by giving the animals, the acrobats, the magicians and the clowns the cheapest food he could find - leftovers from his brother Michelangelo's restaurant.

The families of Don Alfredo and Michelangelo Lippiano became fatter and fatter as they got richer and richer.

The acrobats, clowns and magicians decided that enough was enough and, one day, simply vanished without a trace. The future did not look good for Don Alfredo.

Things got worse!
The hungry animals were beaten if they did not perform as they were supposed to. Big Tooth, the tiger became so weak that he died.

The monkey Banana Joe then decided to call all the circus animals together for a meeting. We won't put up with this any longer! Together we're strong!
If we all have the same dream, then it'll be sure to come true!

Then the little lion stood up and said, "What I dream about is being treated fairly! Alfredo and Michelangelo Lippiano and their families should work in the circus and we, the animals, should be their boss." All the animals cheered! They went back to their cages with empty stomaches, but looked forward to dreaming their dream that night.

The next morning the sun was shining. When they woke up, the animals discovered that they were all in comfortable beds and that there was a most delicious smell of food in the air. Their dream had come true!

They sat down at the elegantly laid dining table - and were surprised to find there was plenty of food for all.

The Lippiano Circus had its first performance in the town that afternoon. Thousands of children and their parents took their seats.

Nobody had ever seen anything like it!
Alfredo, the manager, was balancing on a rope.

Suddenly Alfredo lost his balance and fell off the tightrope. The animals and the audience gasped in shock!

The animals worked together and did all they could to save their old boss.

Everybody was happy and they all sat down at the dining table. Their favorite food was served. And the little lion had also ordered ice cream sundaes for everyone!