On a great hill, there was a great old house, and around the great old house, there were great old stairs. Inside the great old house lived a great old witch, Sissy Witch. She had built her great old house and great old stairs a long, long, time ago. She had built it out of sticks and bricks. She had built it out of many old things. She had grown very, very fond of her great old house. And every season, she invited her great old friends.

Every autumn, came Sir Warlock Driven who would ride the south winds to her great old house. Madison Snow, an elf friend, would arrive in the winter. Always in the spring, cheerfully came Clarinda Mayflower. And in the summer, visited ol’ Sunny Wan, a very dear and clever wizard. During their visits, Sissy Witch would always celebrate the season with a festive party, baking new cakes and fabulous recipes. But, this year Sissy Witch wanted to have a very special party. Although, surprisingly, she didn’t know just when to have her very special party, which day. You see, she dared to have her four dearest friends all together on the very same day. Oh, what an endeavor that would prove to be! Because, each one came a season before the other arrived.

To invite Sir Warlock Driven, he could only visit in the autumn. Madison Snow came only in the winter. Clarinda Mayflower visited only in spring and of course, Sunny Wan in the summer. They had never been all together. Oh, of certain, it wasn't to be a trifling puzzle for Sissy Witch to figure out. Yet, wanting all four of her dearest of friends together on the very same day, was an idea that made her cheerful. Surely then, it would be a magical and very special party day. But how was it going to be possible?

“Oh my,” Sissy witch thought out loud. “I'm afraid they'll never meet each other. Could I ever see them all together, to have this very special party day? Oh dear, whatever shall I do?” In the meantime, Sissy Witch sent out invitations for her special party. She made up new recipes and drew up new delicious brews in her giant kettles. She sent her first invitation, by the great crow, to Sir Warlock Driven. To Madison Snow, her invitation arrived by way of a flying broom. Clarinda Mayflower received an invitation brought by the ten-legged Lady Spider who was also a dear friend of Sissy Witch. And Sunny Wan’s invitation arrived in the nick of time, as he was about to leave for a long journey in the land of the Mysterious Blue Mountains. They all were so happy to receive their invitations. But neither of the four could accept her gracious invitation to her very special party. Sir Warlock Driven couldn't come if autumn leaves, most cheerful and colorful, were not blown in and about his path by the southern winds to assure his swift arrival.

Madison Snow could not come either, if the frosty winter couldn't assure the snows. Oh dear, and it was the same for Clarinda Mayflower who followed a trail of fragrant flowers in bloom, in the spring, to Sissy Witch’s house to assure her arrival, too. She would not come if spring had not budded upon the earth. And poor Sunny Wan needed the warm summer sun, to guide his way to Sissy’s great old house on the great old hill, surrounded by great old stairs. Absolutely, no one seemed to be able to attend. Oh my, how this made Sissy Witch very, very, sad. She wondered, “How will I ever be able to have my very special party?” For days and days she wondered and pondered and said to herself, “Whatever shall I do?” Up and down her great old stairs, she went. Up she climbed and down she went, wondering and pondering as she muttered and uttered, “Just whatever shall I do!”

Inside her great old house, to keep herself busy and far, far from worry, she conjured up new spells, placed in order all her old bookshelves. But at the end of the day, she still hadn’t come up with an idea herself. Each day that passed thereafter, Sissy Witch was sadder than ever. Not a word did she murmur! She just sat in an old chair. She refused to eat. She forgot about her spells and kettles of brews. Not even her friend, the ten-legged Lady Spider, could cheer her up as she danced about. She was a disaster! One morning, the great black crow flew into her bedroom window, while she was sleeping. “Sissy Witch, Sissy Witch,” the crow called out to awaken her. “Sissy Witch!” it crowed with a great old cry. “Why not use your magic to have your very special party?” It seemed quite pleased with itself as it flew about. “But how am I to change the very seasons?” Sissy Witch asked the crow. “Yes, how on earth will I manage it, to have all my very good friends here on the very same day?”

Sissy Witch yawned and yawned, stretching out her arms as she rose from her rainbow colored bed. She thought and she thought, and to her surprise, she finally came up with an idea and a plan. Quickly, she got dressed in a flash. She then searched for her most loyal flying broomstick. There in the corner of her kitchen it stood, awaiting her command. And in only a twinkling of a moment, she and her broom were high in the sky. Deep into the woods of a great, great forest, they ride. The fair, fair Autumn Queen, she now would find, to ask her a most daring and bold request. In very little time, she soon arrived by the greatest tree ever to be seen. It was the Autumn Queen’s great old house in a tree. “Oh, great Autumn Queen, dear Autumn Queen,” she called out with joy and glee, “it’s old Sissy Witch who’s come to visit. Are you home, are you there, or have you gone very far to visit your tall trees, great rivers and things?”

Before her appeared a most splendid creature. Her long trailing hair was made of golden brown autumn leaves. There was her crown, a bird’s nest on her head! Her clothes were weaved from the great white clouds and the blue sky. Her shoes were made from the seashells and things found in the deepest of all seas. “Sissy Witch, Sissy Witch, oh my dear friend!” calls out the cheerful Autumn Queen. “What surprise to see you this time of year!” Oh, how Sissy Witch was so happy to see her once again, that she hopped off and down from her broom, running to hug her dear old friend, the very, very fair Autumn Queen. “Oh, my good friend, can you please give me a hand?” asks Sissy Witch. “I need a special favor, to have a very special party for our very special friends.” “Well, of course I can!” said joyously the Autumn Queen, “of course I can!” “How wonderful!” replied Sissy Witch. “Oh, how wonderful, indeed. I’ve invited to my party Sir Warlock Driven. But he won’t come, if it’s not truly autumn. He always rides the autumn winds to my great old house surrounded by my great old stairs. What ever can I do?” “I’ll come to your party. And, I’ll bring the south autumn winds,” said the Autumn Queen. “So then, Sir Warlock Driven may ride the swift winds to your great old house, surrounded by your great old stairs.” Sissy Witch elated, leaped with joy. Most contented, she thanked the fair Autumn Queen. Then straightaway, she headed out on her broom to look for dear Mr. Winter.

She flew high and she flew far, venturing on a long and treacherous journey to seek out ol' Mr. Winter at the North Pole. High above snow-capped mountains, icy lands and great seas, Sissy Witch flew 'til came into view the house of Mr. Winter. It was a great icy cave with giant icicles that hung all about. "Oh Mr. Winter, Mr. Winter," calls out Sissy Witch, when she neared the mouth of the immense cave. She shivered and she quivered as her feet touched the cold icy earth. Down from her magic broom, she jumped, where the snows playfully whisked and whirled around and about her. Soon appeared to greet her, stood ol' Mr. Winter himself with his lighthearted smile. He looked like a giant icicle with long pointed ears and a long spiky nose. His hat was made of the many years of old white snows. His coat was made from the bark and leaves of great and tall winter trees. He was truly a wondrous sight to see.

“Sissy witch, what brings you here?” he questioned with laughter. “Though, I am most happy to see an old friend at this time of the year!” They hugged each other, as Sissy Witch shivered. “I can’t stay too long,” she said with a quiver. “Here, it’s a very cold winter this year!” Mr. Winter laughed, recalling Sissy Witch was never used to the cold of the North Pole. She dearly loved the mild weather of spring and autumn. But her friendship with Mr. Winter was always full of fun and games. For every year, every winter, together they would help build snow castles together for the countless children that played in his snows. What fun it was to see their happy smiles and hear their joyful laughter when playing in their very own snow castles. But now, old Sissy Witch needed Mr. Winter for another quite important matter. She would dare to request a very daring and special favor. “Oh Mr. Winter, Mr. Winter,” began Sissy Witch, “will you help me, if you can?” “But of course!” exclaimed Mr. Winter, too pleased to help. “You have always been a very good friend. Just what can I do to help, my dear Sissy Witch?” “I’m going to have a special party. I've invited Madison Snow. But she won’t come, if it’s not winter. She always comes with the winter snow to visit my great old house, surrounded by my great old stairs. I just don’t know what to do! And then there’s Mr. Warlock Driven, Clarinda Mayflower and Sunny Wan… It would be a very special party with all of them there!” “Oh my dear Sissy Witch, I will help you if I so dare,” replied Mr. Winter. “I’ll come to your party, if I may. And certainly too, I will bring the winter. Then, dear Madison Snow may come to your party and not miss the snow!” He chuckled and he laughed, as icicles shook all about. She smiled thanking Mr. Winter, as she headed out at once to look for the great and mirthful Spring Maiden.

Not far did she go, for spring was near! In just a few days or more, spring would appear. Below her as she flew, eager budding flowers and blossoms peeked out gracefully from among their lovely stems and long green branches. The earth showered signs of spring in bloom! Then suddenly, enchanted by it all, Sissy Witch surprisingly heard a voice call out. “Dear old Sissy Witch, Sissy Witch, what familiar lands are you headed for?” It was the Spring Maiden waving and smiling from below, as Sissy flew high in the sky. “Oh, my dear Spring Maiden, Spring Maiden, it’s you I am searching for! I need your help, if you can,” said Sissy Witch to her old friend. “I’m giving a special party. I’ve invited Clarinda Mayflower. But she won’t come, if it’s not spring!” “Oh my, Sissy Witch, don’t despair,” assured the Spring Maiden. “I’ll come to your party and bring the spring there. Then, Clarinda Mayflower will surely be there!”

With gratitude and joy, thanking the Spring Maiden, Sissy Witch continued on her way. She was happier than ever and certain that at her party everyone would be there. Merrily, she went in search of ol’ Mr. Summer. Far she would travel over strange lands unknown, ’til she felt the bright sun’s rays on her long pointy nose. Warmer and warmer the sun became, when she knew she had arrived near the home of ol’ Mr. Summer. Then suddenly to her surprise, rose high in the sky, just beyond the sun, a great summer rainbow that reigned all aglow. And there, near its very end, sat ol’ Mr. Summer fast asleep, hovering about in mid-air! Slowly, Sissy tipped-toed near to awaken gently her very dear ol' friend. Lightly with her broom handle, she tapped on his shoulder. Then as if struck by a lightning bolt, he awoke at once and stood up in a flash. His eyes wide-open, he smiled with a chuckle. It was a most pleasing and cheerful sound to hear.

“Oh, dear Sissy Witch, what great pleasure and surprise! What a great treasure for my old eyes!” So pleased was Sissy Witch that she took up her broomstick and sat side by side Mr. Summer and the rainbow, both all aglow in the sky. “Mr. Summer, Mr. Summer, so good to see you again,” sighs Sissy Witch. “But oh my dear friend, I’ve come for your help, if you can. I’m giving a special party for our special friends. I’ve invited Sunny Wan. But he won’t come, if it’s not truly summer.” “Sissy Witch, Sissy Witch, I’ll come to your party. Don’t you worry. Don’t you give a care,” he replied.“I will gladly bring the summer. Then Sunny Wan will surely be there!” “Oh Mr. Summer, do we dare?” said Sissy Witch. “Certainly, I would be so happy to have everyone there!”

Mr. Summer assured her that all would be fine, and he would surely arrive there on time. He bowed and he smiled, so pleased with himself. He would bring the summer sun and even himself. He loved Sissy Witch’s parties. He loved Sissy Witch’s great old house, on the great old hill, surrounded by her great old stairs. Surely, he couldn’t wait to be there. She parted once again, and for the last time. With her magic broom, she headed for home. She had so many things to do and so many things to prepare. Her new recipes and surprises for her guests, had to be the very best! Because, it was to be a very special party, for all her dearest of friends.

The very next day Sissy Witch sent out her invitations once again, soon receiving the news that Sir Warlock Driven, Madison Snow, Clarinda Mayflower and Sunny Wan were soon to arrive! She worked and she worked to conjure up a party spell, while her kitchen and tables were set with many a surprise as well. There were special treats, delicious ice creams and great cakes and pies. Even the crow and the ten-legged spider gave Sissy Witch a hand, decorating that great old house on the great old hill, surrounded by great old stairs, to receive her great ol’ very special friends!
In no time at all, the day arrived. Her last task for that day would be to perform her greatest magic ever, everyone together! From her front window, she looked out in wonder.

What a great vision there was for her to see. In the far distance came forth the Spring Maiden, Mr. Summer, the Autumn Queen, together with Mr. Winter. Behind them each, trailing along, came wondrous spring, the warm summer sun, the autumn winds and the winter snow. What joy it was to see Sir Warlock Driven, riding the autumn winds, while Madison Snow played on her way, catching snow flakes that softly drifted down from the skies. What a sight Clarinda Mayflower was, treading the trail of budding spring flowers. Sunny Wan who was contented, followed the beaming yellow summer sun. Happily together, they arrived. They came to Sissy Witch’s great old house on the great old hill, surrounded by her great old stairs. It was to be a memorable great day, a fun day, a magical day. Sissy Witch, jubilant, had conjured up the greatest magic ever, with the help of all her dear ol’…very, very, very special, friends.