Green Culture

Green Culture

Green Culture is a catalyst for positive change. It serves as an international platform for likeminded people who care about our planet and each other. These are people who are inspired by all forms of art, who are excited by innovative technologies, and most of all people who love being immersed in untouched wild beauty.

Our work is based on four main pillars: Green Creatives, Green Business, Green Science & Education and Green Philosophy

Taking place in Montenegro, Green Culture is a confluence of sustainability professionals, environmental artists, green entrepreneurs, climate scientists and expert environmental educators, NGO executives, philosophers and forward thinkers, deep environmentalists and youth, coming together to discuss climate challenges, human behaviour and help create a better humanity.

Why Montenegro? Montenegro has made a constitutional commitment as the first ecological country in the wider region. Being home to an outstanding natural beauty, it makes the perfect place for our mission.

Why Green Culture? We are welcoming people from around the globe to offer their ideas, to hear top international speakers, to share best sustainable practices and to contribute to this movement. This year we will be joined by professors from the Cambridge University and the UCL, a leading representative from the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economic, a crypto currency expert and alternative education experts amongst the others.

By participating at Green Culture you will learn about tried and tested programmes and strategies and shift to sustainable practices in a more efficient, informed, cheaper and faster way. You'll be inspired to become a sustainability leader for your community and you’ll bring back with you a wide variety of insights to equip you with the latest sustainability tools and trends to take a step ahead of others.

In this exciting week, in addition to the environmental talks and discussions addressing climate restoration and redesigning our future, as well as the impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you will experience variety of activities and immerse all your senses. From organic local food, yoga and meditation to kite and windsurfing famous for this part of Europe. From wine tasting and horseback riding by the beach enjoying the purple sunsets to great live music, stand up comedy and film screenings. You will have an opportunity to try alternative therapies such as Reiki and Fractal drawing and also Family Constelations and Total Being transformational workshops.

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