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Parkstone International


Parkstone International is a cosmopolitan publishing house that specialises in fine art books and offers a broad range of lavishly-illustrated publications in sixteen different collections. Parkstone books cover a wide variety of subjects, from painting and photography to architecture, fashion, and religious art. Always with the aim of spreading interest in and knowledge of the world of art amongst a general audience, the varied subjects and content for the publications are carefully selected by expert editors, their chief aspiration being to bring the masterpieces of every relevant historical period to today's public in the most faithful and informed way.

The company’s initial motivation came from its CEO’s enthusiasm for both books and fine arts. Now, twenty years later, Parkstone International is composed of a multicultural team of young professionals that works to unite these two root passions and instill them in each and every book they produce. While an innovative and smart approach prevails when it comes to designing the books, the elegance and refinement of classic forms are never neglected, and the final result will satisfy readers of both traditional and modern art books.

These high-quality publications are printed in English, French, and German, and are distributed in approximately fifty countries around the world. Parkstone’s yearly production is comprised of around forty brand new and original titles. In addition, books have been co-published worldwide in twenty-six languages – including Russian, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, and Italian – enriching Parkstone’s extensive catalogue over the years.

Parkstone International print publications are complemented by a complete range of e-books, which are managed by a sister company, Confidential Concepts Digital. This committed team has converted over 1,000 Parkstone International titles into various digital formats and created Ebook-Gallery, a platform dedicated to showcasing this digital content.

Benefitting from years of experience converting our own titles into e-book format, Confidential Concepts Digital additionally works with other publishers to convert and distribute their titles. Should you be interested in knowing more about business opportunities with Confidential Concepts or Parkstone International, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The company has also recently launched its first art-related mobile application and established Image-Bar, a convenient source of high-resolution fine art and historical images for organisations and individuals. The Image-Bar site is still under construction but some features are already operational.

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