nca | nichido contemporary art is pleased to present Masahito Koshinaka’s solo exhibition “Please let me”. While looking at his own personal experiences, Koshinaka has been investigating the idea of “group” and “individual” from different perspectives, where that “singularity” finds its position inside the “collectivity”, its raison d'être, and the relation between the two, giving them voice in his works, whether as photographs or videos.

In the background of his works we find conflicting feelings towards those trends that are bonded to group norms, and which are widely taken for granted by Japanese people, and those implicit rules of contemporary societies which are planted by the media.

This exhibition focuses on the relation between Japanese people and work, which represent one of the country’s problems today, and deals with episodes that have been extensively covered by the media, or experienced by the artist himself and people close to him in the form of photographs, videos and AR works.