rosenfeld porcini

rosenfeld porcini

Founded in 2011, rosenfeld porcini occupies a prime location in the heart of the dynamic gallery district of London’s Fitzrovia.
London, United Kingdom
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Slowing Time. Courtesy of Rosenfeld Porcini
Combining Materials. Courtesy of Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery
Sebastian Gordin. If animals didn't exist..., Exhibition view. Courtesy of Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery
Barcilon, 2015, pure pigments and varnish on wood, 153x200cm. Detail
Almagno, Tremula, 2004, wood, 50x50x10cm
Herbert Golser, Spin Off, 2014, pear wood, 30 x 30 x 205 cm
Leonardo Drew, 29i, 2014, mixed media, 66 x 58 x 18 cm
Sebastián Gordín, The fattest woman on earth, 2014, wood, GRP, 20 x 63 cm
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