"I always care about phases now, but some moments back I don't”.

Phases are realities which transpire quickly and disappear, like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Every individual on this planet is in his or her phase and the phase will disappear as the time passes. Every child loves to play games, and then there comes a time when he becomes young and sound, it is the time when he mocks and laughs at children doing the same. Phases are realities that one can't ignore, but we pretend to ignore them. Everything roams in an orbit where there is a virtual and a real life, and every individual likes to choose the virtual world because in this virtual world there is no word or reality like "Phases". This means running from realities and falling into a well filled with unawareness.

Our 21st Century society is like this well, where people are thrown into the well by one another; where each soul is unaware of its Phase. Maybe some people criticise me on the grounds that I am not minding my own business but in 'Reality', outside of the 'Virtual' world, it happens to me also. I forget Phases but suddenly my soul fears that my Phase will end.

There is a "Phase" for each and every part of this universe: Countries, People, Wars, Still life and Animals. Everything undergoes and experiences is. People will ruin themselves, wars will be calm one day, still life will ripen one day and animals will revolute someday. We have to be very careful about those who are throwing us into unawareness; these are the same people who will rule us and ruin us and we will be the same people who will be forced to enslave them. I don't write to make each and every person read what I want to say; I write for people to understand what these words want to say to them,. It's time for us to read between the lines.

I hope that we will not forget "Phases" and somehow have the energy to develop a side of awareness.