Badrick and Rogers are currently spending a month inside Lubomirov-Easton’s residency space, here their dual investigation continues; focusing on new media and its distribution through advertising and technology.

Badrick and Rogers embody the role of the imaginary man through the construction of a machine, enabling them to crystallize their ideas and make tangible otherwise abstract and virtual notions and spaces in society. The site has been transformed into an interaction between the real and the virtual, made possible by the use of future technologies and modified objects. 3D printing, projection mapping and virtual reality are implemented, permitting this junction between the long time forming technological space and the realms of the real.

These notions are further affected by the oversaturation of information, especially in a media dominated society where belief systems and systems of control continue to have a major impact on the individual and more significantly, the collective. It is here that the work acts as a mediator between viewers and their surroundings, questioning the presentation and credibility of this information, distributed to the masses through these systems. It is this cross over between art and life that enables referencing to an array of sources, both true and imaginary, strengthening the relationship between subject and audience, virtual and real.

These ideas are presented at a pivot point between the functional, and the theatrical, making reference to the rapidly changing technological market whilst retaining the Greek notion of signified-signifier still employed by advertising. Fictional narratives are formatted in this manner and fed back into the machine, calibrating them under the value of the spectacle, questioning representation and surface, as well as the poetic language that advertising continues to possess.

Badrick and Rogers have insulated the space from all intruding electronic and magnetic fields, protecting them from the overwhelming and polluting nature of external stimuli, allowing for this microcosm to stay true to its current state. Badrick has been submerged in the new amalgamation feeder whilst Rogers continues to be subjected to the bumper car complex, both demonstrating ideas of over-stimulation and dependency. The results of this investigation will be made available on 26th June, offering viewers the chance to explore the disappearing boundaries between the virtual and the real.