One of the most significant things that happened to humanity is the social media. Never has there been such a radical way in which people keep in touch with one another. In the last 10 years, the new channels of communication have already gained more than 3.9 billion active users. And still counting by about 25% increase year after year.

Social media has, indeed, successfully redefined the course of mass communication and information dissemination. It surpasses the reach that the broadcast and print media can cover. It captures basically all types of audiences, connecting peoples all over the world. Through the facilities of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms we are now able to communicate and disseminate information in no time to so many people!

How people use social media

Business. Many businesses find social media the most bankable marketing strategy. A study in 2015 showed that 66% of businesses around the world maintain an active presence on social media. They believe that the varied platforms provide them a strong foundation for their trade.

Governments put their programs and services online to easily disseminate information. They also process or conduct transactions online.

Politicians. Of course, politicians of every color jump into the social media bandwagon, too. Since social media is where most voters are, they see to it that they also make their presence felt among their prospective supporters and constituents.

Professionals utilize LinkedIn in advancing their career and business prospects. They find this channel as the best way to widen their network.

Bloggers find Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms the best outlets to showcase their talent.

Families and friends use Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with one another. They also turn to the new communication channels to meet new friends, share ideas and pictures.

Media networks. Even the conventional broadcast and print media maintain social media accounts to widen their scope of coverage and cater to more audiences.

Of all the social media channels available, Facebook claims the highest number of subscribers. With 1.59 billion active users, it has successfully dislodged YouTube from the top spot. LinkedIn, meanwhile, currently claims a membership of more than 414 million.

At the popularity rate these channels enjoy, social media is definitely one of the significant changes that ever happened to mass communication so far. It has become a significant part of modern living. But just as we enjoy using these new forms of communication and information, we should be prudent in using social media. We all know that there are unscrupulous individuals out there who take advantage of the social platforms in advancing their evil intent.