The Garden

1 Jan 2000 — 1 Jan 2020 at the Science Museum in London, United Kingdom

18 MAY 2017
The Garden. Courtesy of Science Museum
The Garden. Courtesy of Science Museum

The Garden is an exciting interactive space, created especially for children aged 3–6 and their parents and carers.

Inquisitive children can explore the main areas – construction, water, light and sound. While playing, they can find out about floating and sinking, shadows and reflections, and much more. At the same time, they’ll develop the skills of observing, predicting, testing and drawing conclusions.

Explainers are on hand to help – you can’t miss them; they all wear bright red T-shirts. They are happy to answer questions or join in the games to make sure that everyone gets the most from the gallery.

Visit The Garden in the basement of the Museum for non-stop fun. From giant tubes that carry whispers to a flying saucer that radiates white light, it’s an ideal place for 3–6 year olds to discover science through play.