The exhibition presents 10 international contemporary artists who seek to depict the human condition and way of living in an era, where the physical and digital worlds are growing ever closer together.

Our lives are increasingly influenced by digital technologies and as a result the perception and concept of body, machine, life,death, sociality, isolation, nature and time are changing and taking on new meanings. At the same time, the notion that there is a physical world that is real, and a digital world that is unreal, seems to be rapidly breaking down.

The artists in this exhibition are engaged in exploring how these changes affect the way we live with each other and ourselves, and how we navigate among the ruins of an old world and the building blocks for a new one.

In the exhibition’s nine scenarios, the physical and the digital intermingle. There is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. Perhaps our existence right now can best be described as permanently having a foot in both camps – a state of simultaneous presence and absence, as indicated by the title, Being There.