Doosan Gallery New York is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Kim Heecheon, recipient of the 7th Doosan Artist Award, from May 30th through June 30th. This exhibition, Kim’s New York debut, displays six single-channel videos produced between 2015 and 2017: “Lifting Barbells” (2015), “Soulseek/Pegging/Air-twerking” (2015), “Wall Rally Drill” (2015), “Sleigh Ride Chill” (2016), “Mumble” (2017), and “HOME” (2017).

Kim has based his video work on digital interfaces such as Face Swap app, Virtual Reality, and Google Earth that reproduce reality in the form of data. These digital apparatus are used in cross editing autobiographical narratives which blur the boundary between online and offline. Weaving through flashes of reality and digital illusion, Kim deals with the effects of internet explosion on human life through satirical language.

This exhibition showcases all of Kim’s single-channel videos created to date in one setting. The work included traces the development of Kim’s personal and social interests during the past two years, as well as manifests his contemplation on the nature of reality and SNS identity in the age of the internet.

Kim Heecheon (b.1989) received his B.Arch. from Korea National University of Arts. He has held solo exhibitions at Doosan Gallery Seoul (2017, Seoul, Korea) and Common Center (2015, Seoul, Korea). He also participated in group exhibitions including Istanbul Biennial (2017, Istanbul, Turkey), Atelier Hermès (2017, Seoul, Korea), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (2017, Seoul, Korea), Kunsthal Aarhus (2016, Aarhus, Denmark), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (2016, Seoul, Korea), Seoul Museum of Art (2016, Seoul, Korea), Kukje Gallery (2016, Seoul, Korea), Ilmin Museum of Art (2015, Seoul, Korea), and Canon Plex Gallery (2013, Seoul, Korea).