There are few emotions comparable to the one that thrills the body and rejoices the mind as the one to start a project. There is so much hope, so many dreams that are about to come true, so much happiness and so many good ideas that are about to turn into realities, that the heart feels the out-bursting illusion and starts to beat faster.

So here we are me and this extraordinary team that conforms Wall Street International, in the start line about to jump into the path, excited that I can meet with you, my readers, once a month to share points of view. I like to tell stories written with letters and with numbers, I strongly believe that the combination of figures and words bring out the most wonderful scenarios based upon the most solid roots.

One of the most interesting phenomena that we are facing nowadays is that bringing a message has become a sharing act. My task is to select the best words and numbers for you to review and critique. That is the wonderful cycle of communication. The goal is to catch your sight and maintain your interest. Such homework is not easy, today each one of us is trapped during the day by various factors. Cell phones, tablets, television broadcasting, streaming, newspapers, blogs are sending messages constantly, and some efforts are widely disseminated, the only ones meant to survive are the ones that mingle creativity and truth.

The great challenge here is to find out the interesting topics that you want to read about, to share our worries, to discover solutions. So let us start walking this path, diving into our reflections and getting to know each other. I am Cecilia Durán Mena, lecturer and professor on Top Management assignments. I am also a writer. This is why I know that the combination of letters and numbers is the key to wonderland. I know that the cold numbers can be warmed by the letters, but I also know that a figure without explanation is worthless and an extraordinary essay without the backup of a digit is very questionable. Nice to meet you!

I also know we are starting a revolution. Shortly after Johannes Gutenberg pulled the first Bible off his printing press, the world changed in so many ways that no one in that time could really realize it. Publishing became a mass media, but never so much as it is today. For all the flimflam about the paperless society there is no shortage whatsoever of the niche in which the audience feels the necessity to fulfil. In this moment 40% of the world´s population has access to the Internet, according to Internet Live Stats.

Internet is a growing world, in 1995 only 1% of the world´s population had a connection to the Web. There are 3´001,221, 950 persons that use the Internet and the figures grow by the second. The first billion was achieved in 2005, so from then to 2019 it has more than tripled the amount of connections. Yes, the revolution is here, and we are part of it, isn´t that exciting?

That is why, publishing today no longer means just paper; part of the information overload of the day includes a shift to growing new markets for multimedia products, scores of new software, amusing methods offered electronically in the Internet. Within this novel market, there are further defined audiences that need to be served. It is you that we are seeking and focusing the attention for.

Some critics have been quick to attach a stigma to the new ways of doing things, to the electronic developments, but they tend to forget that Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammet created original, high quality works, and were bitterly qualified by their contemporary fellows. Moreover, Julio Cortàzar found another ludic way to tell a story, and Gabriel García Marquez won a Nobel Prize by experimenting with innovative paths.

Yes, I have to admit that there are some pluses and some minuses on the Internet. The big plus is that with the electronic way a writer is able to get in touch with their readers. The binomial is finally completed. In many cases, an author starts the communication process by surrendering a text and the readers complement it with their opinions, critiques and points of view. Sometimes what was proposed by the writer leads to wonderful ways of expression, ones that the author never imagined in the very first place.

So, be welcome to this thrilling adventure. And, as a football game kick out, let us start this journey of sharing and creating. The biggest advantage that the Internet offers in the way is the interactivity. Readers in the Web find options that are not available in print versions; you can give immediate feedback, you can take part of the polls, you can co-create. Let us rejoice and thank you very much for the opportunity.