During the 10th edition of the Brussels Gallery Weekend, Harlan Levey Projects is pleased to present our 3rd solo exhibition with Marcin Dudek, “Steps & Marches.”

This is a collaborative exhibition with Chapter I taking place in Brussels and Chapter II in London at Edel Assanti Gallery. Each exhibition begins with the artist retracing his steps as a teenage member of the Cracovia football fan club.

A framed thumbnail-sized photograph from Dudek’s personal archive is part of a sequence of events in the lead-up to a violent stadium riot. At Harlan Levey Projects, this small image is juxtaposed with a scaled up scene from the field that pulls visitors into a stadium like installation where the terraces act as pedestals for a series of sculptures.

Research and works in the exhibition, go beyond personal narrative to explore the materials, messages and political contexts of the stadium in an ongoing investigation of group behavior, crowd control, violence and spectacle.