What does one imagine when planning a honeymoon? Romance. How does capture romance? Besides being love-struck as newlyweds, good food, good wine, breathtaking sunset helps. If you are a young couple bustling with energy you might want something more than a beach towel and a book on a water bungalow. Amalfi Coast has all the ingredients to the perfect honeymoon. Besides the food, wine and the view it comes with a side dish of adventure. Not the ice-climbing, skydiving kind but the tamer, subtle kind of adventure.

First you land in Napoli and rent a car. Try a convertible car if wind in your hair is a prerequisite. For those who have a yearning for a little history lesson, a trip to the ancient city of Pompeii is a great start to this trip. Ancient Roman city of Pompeii lies on the skirts of Mount Vesuvius and has a vicious past with the mountain. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79 it destroyed the city and it’s 16,000 inhabitants by covering the whole city with lava and volcanic matter. To visualize this historical disaster just watch the 2014 released Paul W.S Anderson movie Pompeii.

After Pompeii, then begins the drive to the Amalfi Coast in the swirly single lane roads sprinkled on top of the steep hills aside the Tyrrhenian Sea. At times, you will be awestruck by your significant other’s driving capabilities on these roads! This scenic journey extends from Sorrento to Salerno with must see towns in between. Which are the must see towns? First and foremost comes Positano. İf you have a chance to enjoy a room at Le Sirenuse in Positano, you will discover that even Steinbeck was inspired staying there. The hotel’s Michelin star restaurant La Sponda offers a delicious lamb ravioli and a very romantic environment.

While in Positano, your legs will remain in shape post-wedding as you will be climbing steps and hills all day long. There is no other way to get from your hotel to the beach, or to the restaurants or the adorable little shops. While in Positano, a day trip to Capri with a little boat from Lucibello or perhaps an overnight stay in Capri makes sense. While in Capri if the weather is nice Da Luigi ai Faraglioni is a great lunch spot. When you are tired from walking around the two main streets with the posh boutiques of Capri, take a break with drinks at the Quisisana hotel. Take another even shorter boat ride passing by the little private island that once belonged to the famous ballet Nureyev to arrive at Marina Del Cantone. Enjoy a wonderful seafood meal at the family run restaurant Taverna Del Capitano. If you’re lucky perhaps you’ll even get lectured on the beauty of the simpler life from the restaurant’s chef while his sister serves your food. If you visit the town of Sorrento, the Primavera Gelateria is a must–indulge.

It is worth going to Sorrento just for the gelato! It is a smart idea to divide up your trip with some days spared for the eastern half of the Amalfi Coast. Driving east to Amalfi you will first come across Grotta della Smeraldo. There are two things worth seeing in this Grotta: The lemon truck with the typical massive lemons of Amalfi and the super cheesy tour guides of the Grotta who will insist on showing you the baby Jesus statue in the base of the water.

You are finally almost in Amalfi. If you care to stay in a brand new magical hotel that used to be a Monastery try the Monastero Santa Rosa. The hotel is beautiful, it is renovated staying true to its roots as an old Monastery and has breathtaking views. While in Amalfi make sure to dine at Caravella for a traditional savory meal. The two Michelin star restaurant Rossellini is a popular spot among the lucky locals as well as the eager tourists. Lastly, finish off this magical honeymoon in Ravello. Visit Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo in Ravello and see which one of you complains less on the steps leading up to Villa Cimbrone. Reassure the weaker link that the views up top will make it all worth it.

While you might be tempted to hop on a scooter or a motorcycle, just remember it is pedestrian only in these towns and make sure somewhere in this trip you try the traditional pastry sfogliatelle; it is much better than the lemon soufflé!