As the temperature rises in Barcelona, so do and should the people. Roof terrace dining as well as cava and cocktail drinking are not experiences for just those inhabiting luxurious hotels or those in the know; everyone should get informed, venture up as high as the elevator and stairs reach and chill out al fresco.

As they stroll along the Barcelona streets, tourists and others rarely ponder what resides on top of these tall and modern Mediterranean hotels and buildings. The answer is: lovely spots that overlook the skyline, trap the sun and are filled with deck-chairs and sofas. Most such places require reservation or careful planning as when the weekend approaches people tend to flock.

Many rooftop terraces are poolside, Jacuzzi equipped or next to decorative water sources: more cooling sensations besides the drinks. Terraces run along and atop every major hotel, unknown and known, so whichever district you decide to stay in there will be something great awaiting you.

Savour the experience and repeat it if desire takes over. Some examples of the crème de la crème are all centrally located and reachable by all transport links. Prices range from cash and debit to credit. At Terrat Mandarin Hotel, Passeig de Gracia, a bottle of cava ranges from 30 to 100 euro while plush expertly-mixed cocktails start from 7. It’s definitely worth affording such a frivolous cost for the 360-degree view of the city. Other great establishments are Terrace La Isabela on the famous stretch of Las Ramblas and of course the renowned W Hotel which lies in situ on the peninsula of the glorious beachside.

Roaming a little higher, a less known place is the Miramar Hotel, proudly built halfway up the less visited Montjuic mountain in Poble-sec. There you can find a quieter atmosphere and a stunning diverse scenery: lush green parks, mountainous landscape, sea, port and city views. It is close to amenities which means after some sightseeing one can easily get back to other areas of the city.

These places are usually at least four-star hotels. Anyway, there is no better luxury than spending a summer afternoon and evening enjoying visual and bubbly delights. Depending on your budget it can be a regular or rare way of spending your time in Barcelona.

There are websites that satisfactorily list such places, so with a little research you could easily find yourself 20-floor high with a drink in your hand, sunshine and an outstanding viewpoint, waiting for the perfect picture of the dusk in Barcelona.