Lebanon's night life is a major contribution to the touristic allure of this country. The summer in particular is a vibrant cosmopolitan stage that accommodates visitors and visiting international art and music. This significant spot by the Mediterranean attracts creative lovers from all over the world during summer festivals that are held across Lebanon from the capital Beirut to all of the touristic villages that ornament this country.

Popular attractions such as Beirut Holidays, Jounieh International Festival, Zouk International Festival, Byblos International Festival, Batroun International Festival, Beiteddine Art Festival, Baalbeck International Festival, Cedars International Festival, Ehdeniyat Festival and Ehden Music Festival endow the country with a resounding beat during the months of July, August and September attracting world-wide interest.

Beirut Holidays - At the heart of Beirut Souks meet local and international artists to perform their best and be part of an uplifting festivity of various genres and styles. Music is not the only performance as the architecture of the location, which is a mixture of modern and traditional style, leaves its own touch on the audience. The 2015 festival is featuring Alessandro Safina, Raoul Di Blasio and the Lebanese Singer Najwa Karam among others.

Jounieh International Festival – Just a few kilometers from Beirut is another vibrant festival. Jounieh Bay has witnessed many glorious days throughout the past century, it still remains a highly touristic spot on the coast of Lebanon. These festivals have further contributed to the beauty of the area. At the heart of Beirut Souks it features local and international artists, becoming part of an uplifting festivity of various genres. Music is not the only performance here the architecture of the location adds another dimension to the experience and leaves its own vitality on the audience and a multicultural artistic outlet. This year's festival met the interests by headlining diverse artists such as Johnny Halliday and Magida El Roumi (who never fails to mesmerize her audience with her angelic voice).

Zouk International Festival – Again, not far from Jounieh held nights of festivities at the historical Amphitheatre Romain in Zouk. The featured performers this year are not to be missed, including legendary Ziad Rahbani and a tribute to another legend from Egypt whose name and music echoes all over the world, Oum Koulthoum.

Byblos International Festival – The name of this vital area in Lebanon speaks for itself as it is one of the oldest cities in the world. History and present cross paths during summer festivities every year to leave another mark on the cultural facet of Lebanon. The myriad of artists each year leave you indecisive on deciding which concert to attend. Both artist and audience feel exhilarated to be a temporary resident of such a historical landmark witnessing the grandiose history and ecstasy of the art. John Legend, Mireille Mathiew, Hiba Tawaji, The Script among others with bring their own offering to the platform of Byblos, 2015.

Batroun International Festival – Besides it's historical features, just like every other area of Lebanon, Batroun is also well known for its vivacious nightlife and marvelous shores. It is undeniably captivating in terms of its nature, history, people and its overall ambiance. This year Charles Aznavour and Zade Dirani will make their performance a night to remember.

Beiteddine Art Festival – Held at a 19th century palace, the Beiteddine Festival also bears distinctive character with culturally diverse performances. Past, present and future artists, here perform in awe of this setting. Privileged performers this year: David Gray, Rebecca Ferguson, Bar Farouk, Anna Nertrebko and the internationally acclaimed Oud legend Marcel Khalife.

Baalbeck International Festival – Baalbeck is one world cradle of civilization reflecting centuries of glory and misfortune. The magnificent architecture of these Roman monuments still impress millions of visitors. Summer 2015 Baalbeck Festivals will host the jazz of Richard Bona and the classical of Quatuor Modigliani, among others.

Cedars International Festival – After many years, the Cedars International Festivals return to contribute to the festivities across the country and add to their own natural attraction. This world heritage has attracted millions of tourists throughout centuries of glorious endurance and natural transcendence. This year, Bcharreh and the Qadisha Valley will reflect the on-going beat of it's own country by hosting local artists such as Najwa Karam, Elissa and Michel Fadel whose diverse styles will offer the audience an unforgettable evenings over several nights.

Ehdeniyat Festival and Ehden Music Festival - Northern Lebanon, Ehden is another remarkable touristic attraction for its historical and natural sites. The area is a locally and regionally acclaimed summer haven for those fleeing the business hubbub of the city. During the summer festival this place becomes a vibrant dwell for local, regional and world artists, including Claude Barzotti, Kadim Al Sahir, The Royal Moscow Ballet, Gloria Gaynor, Georges Wassuf, Enrique Iglesias, Ziad Rahbani and others.

Although Lebanon is a small Mediterranean country, it continuously presents unmissable regional and international productions that contribute to the value and maintenance of art, music, history, traditionalism, tolerance and hospitality. The integration of nightlife and culture is a niche partnership between country and visitor, luxe and tradition and of history and contemporary, these factors establish this country as a unique and attractive destination for international visitors and creative, musical, social enthusiasts.