This bright and bold island in the Nevada desert has been a key part of the American culture for decades, and the idea of heading out for a trip to Vegas is an important part of life for the millions of people who visit every year. The city is almost entirely dedicated to serving visitors, with a huge range of attractions to explore, the huge casino complexes with hundreds of different ways to have you gambling your money, and the bright neon lights of the strip. Understanding and finding your way around the city can take a little time when you first arrive, but you will soon find that Vegas is a great city for visitors.

A Trip To The Strip

This is the best place to start for the majority of people visiting Las Vegas, as it is along this street that you will find many of the main attractions in the city, and certainly at night you'll find that the bright neon lights stretch as far as the eye can see. While it is an interesting place to explore in the day, at night it is completely alight, and it is where many of the hotels are to be found, with an estimated 62,000 rooms in hotels along Las Vegas Boulevard South, as it is officially known. There are trams and buses that run along the strip if you don't want to explore on foot, and venues here include the City Of Rock and the MGM Garden Arena.

Finding The Casinos In Vegas

Most of the city's major casinos are located along the Las Vegas strip too, and there is gambling to be found twenty four hours a day in this city. At the southern end of the strip you'll find the Mandalay Bay and the MGM Grand, but the central section between the intersections with Flamingo Road and Spring Mountain Road are the busiest, featuring the big names such as Caesars Palace, The Mirage and The Venetian, while Circus Circus is found at the northern end of the strip. Although you will find other attractions in between these casinos, most of the buses and trams will allow you to stop off at any of the big casinos.

Orientating Yourself In The City

Getting to know the city is something that can take some time, but one of the best ways to get an idea of how the city works and what to expect during your visits is to have a virtual reality experience beforehand. One of the best ways to do this is with the Las Vegas videos produced by Only in VR, which can be scrolled in every direction and work best with the Chrome browser. These offer a really good way to get to know Vegas before you even arrive.

Sights Not To Be Missed

While the grand attractions outside the casinos are certainly impressive, if you have a hankering for something more natural the Red Rock Canyon is a great area for hiking and climbing, and has some lovely sights. You will also find a great indoor theme park at the Adventuredome, which is a huge indoor theme park. If you want a view of the city while having an adrenaline rush, the Voodoo Zipline connects two towers in the city, and is great if you manage to keep your eyes open!

Getting Around Las Vegas

Because of the heat of the desert, walking is not always a good idea during the summer, but there are a great range of buses and taxis that will serve visitors to the city. The Las Vegas Monorail is another good option that runs along the east side of the strip, although it can get a little expensive if you only use it once or twice. If you are staying for longer, car and motorcycle rentals are also available in the city.