For those arriving in Paris, the city is magnificent and it is not surprising that it was the residence of Napoleon. His need for power and magnificence is reflected throughout the capital, with its huge tree-lined boulevards that stretch through the city connecting the most important squares.

For those who have not yet figured out the order of the various districts of Paris, just imagine a snail. The monuments are all around the city, they are not necessarily in the center, but it’s lovely to walk around Paris or to cycle, it is a real pleasure. Paris, despite being one of the most important and famous capitals in the world is on a human scale, but if one does not want to walk or cycle, the underground reaches every corner of the city. If one wants to visit the Paris for shopping, the many shopping malls, vintage shops and prêt a porter will send everyone crazy. If it is art that interests one, not to be missed, as well as the Louvre of course, is the Musée d'Orsay, a former train station, famous for the photo where a train falls from the building.

However, if the goal is a romantic getaway, one must visit Montmartre and walk hand in hand through the little alleys behind the Sacre Coeur. Another very interesting place is the cemetery of Pere Lachaise. Normally I would not recommend visiting cemeteries, but I liked Pere Lachaise so much that I went back three days in a row. Walking through its cobbled stone streets gave me deep tranquility, so much so that even though I went to see Oscar Wilde’s grave, after three visits, I still have not found it, because I voluntarily lost myself through it’s streets, every time captured by yet another interesting tomb.

I like to walk and the Latin Quarter is another really fun place to spend the day, full of shops and restaurants of all different cuisines. Another very pretty area is the Marais, where one can find the famous Pompidou Centre, for the lovers of modern art.

Paris offers everything one wants, it is a vibrant and electrifying city, in every corner there is something interesting to discover and enjoy. The chocolate shops, the boulangeries and the fromagerie alone may be enough to feed the tourists, but everywhere there are delicious restaurants for every budget and for every taste. Entering the chocolate shops, one becomes a child again, I cannot leave without buying chocolates of all kinds, and later, to burn down a few calories, a beautiful ride on the merry-go-rounds at the feet of the Eiffel Tower is really the icing on the cake. Paris is a city that is constantly renewed, always offers a different perspective and a new experience, and to come back every time is like the first.