The Big Apple is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and whether you are traveling from New England or Papua New Guinea, you will find that it has a lot to offer whatever your interests and passions. It is a city as diverse as the millions of people that live there, from the slick business people in the financial district through to the quirkier folk in Greenwich Village, and there are also a wealth of attractions to enjoy during your visit. You will also find that there is such a vibrant food scene in the city that you can find almost any cuisine you would like to eat on offer here.

Highlights Of Your Trip

Because there are so many sights to see in the city, and because they are often spread out, many people will start their visit with a bus tour, which will take in some of the historic sights such as Wall Street, Times Square and the Statue Of Liberty. One of the most interesting sights is Central Park, a huge park filled with trees, ponds and wonderful little spaces to stroll, relax and generally enjoy this green area at the heart of the city. The World Trade Center site is a poignant reminder of the pain experienced by New Yorkers since 9/11, while views of the city from the bridges over the Hudson river can be truly spectacular.

Food And Drink In New York

New York is home to many of the food crazes that become hugely popular around the world, and one great example of this is the 'cronut', a combination of croissant and donut which became international news in 2013. However, there are a huge number of eateries and street food options in the city, and while Little Italy and Chinatown tend to have the cuisines of the countries they are named after, you will also find all manner of Asian, European, South American and African cuisine on offer. Some of the most popular street food dishes include pizza, hot dogs, bagels and the wonderful deli sandwiches.

Getting A Good Understanding Of The City Before You Travel

Whether you are looking to get an idea of where you would like to visit, or want to familiarize yourself with a little of the layout of the sights of the city, you'll find some great virtual reality videos on the Only in VR Youtube channel. This great video takes in some of the most popular sights in the city, and includes Grand Central Station and the Brooklyn Bridge among the other sights. These videos are special as you can scroll in any direction and look around as the video is playing, to really get an idea for the place.

Art Galleries And Museums To Explore

Art and history play an important part in most people's visits to the city, and the biggest art collections in New York can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art near Central Park, while the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown has another great collection. If you are traveling as a family, the American Museum of Natural History has an amazing range of interactive exhibitions that are genuinely fun, while the Transit Museum in Brooklyn looks at transport around the city and is actually located in a disused subway station.

Travel Into And Around New York

New York has great transport connections domestically and internationally, with JFK International Airport and Newark International Airport serving hundreds of flights traveling across the world every day. You can also get into the city by bus or Amtrak if you are traveling from elsewhere in the country. Once there, you will find the subway system is a quick and affordable way of getting around, while there is also an extensive bus network that tend to be cheaper than using the iconic yellow taxis of the city.