Morocco is a beautiful country on North Africa; it is special with its location on the African continent, it is cornered in the North West of Africa. Morocco is bordered by Europe through the Mediterranean Sea and by the American continent through the Atlantic Ocean; it is bordered on the East and South by Algeria and Mauritania.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a few hours flight from major European capitals. Morocco welcomes many visitors in whatever the season. However, each region of the country is more or less suitable depending on the period and the season. There is no specific time to visit Morocco; the visit depends on the attractions that differ from snow, sun, historical cities, cultural diversity, natural landscapes, sands and rare animals. In any season there is always an amazing place to visit. Morocco is certainly the biggest attraction with a thousand faces. However, depending on the season and climate grows to favor certain regions: Summer on the Atlantic or Mediterranean coasts with cities like Tangier and Essaouira; in the winter you can rather choose south regions of Marrakech and the Sahara, in the spring or fall you will hang over the whole regions of the kingdom under ideal conditions.

Concerning, the Moroccan climate characteristic there is a very significant gap between the day and night, and between summer and winter. Only the Atlantic coast has moderate temperatures. Irregular and often heavy rainfall and snowfall on highlands during winter; fall and springs are combined with hot, dry weather, sometimes suffocating by the east wind, so you will know the heat and cold, rain and sun.

Enjoy hot day in Marrakesh and snow day in 80 km from it

Visiting Morocco during the winter offers many advantages like enjoying more authentic atmosphere due to the lower number of visitors in certain areas. This is also an opportunity to enjoy sunny weather and summer temperatures.

The winter sun is very frequent, it warms the days of many regions and in some places it reaches considerable temperatures, but conversely summer nights are often cool and even cold. Some of the nicest areas in winter are Marrakesh; this Red City opens its doors for a magical winter stay. Many cultural, recreational and festive activities offer through visits to museums and monuments. Take advantage of the hot sunny day in Marrakesh, and cold weather during the night, enjoy the beautiful scenery around the city as the Atlas Mountains and offer you a camel ride between the palms.

Not far from the city of Marrakesh, about 80 km, Oukaimeden ski resort binds the Atlas Mountains and a plethora of activities for sports lovers, including skiing. The Oukaimeden Ski Resort is recording during the winter snow days the visits of up to 30.000 visitors per day during weekends and holidays. The resort is ranked among the best in Africa. It gives the opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of skiing and other winter sports.

Ifrane with snowy weather is very attractive

Ifrane is one of the most privileged sites in Morocco's most attractive region. The city is in the heart of the Middle Atlas. The water sources are abundant and natural landscapes; they shouldn’t be missed in the region. Exceptional natural advantages suggest it as the "Little Switzerland".

If by chance your visit is in winter you should not miss a ski session in one of the stations available on site, Michlifen Station and Jebel Habri Station, which are 2000 meters high with several drop tracks. Sources of exceptional waters in Ifrane are a large part of its beauty like Vittel source and RAS El Ma source, which are few kilometers from Ifrane. Several waterfalls are also available to visit as the waterfalls of Sarfige and waterfalls Zaouit Ifrane Wadi.

Ifrane wins its visitors thanks to its lakes which are of unequal beauty. We invite you to discover the most beautiful and most visited lakes of Dayet OAU, Lake Afnounir, Dayet Hachlaf, Dayet Ifrah, Oued Tizguite, Zerouka, Ain Mersa and Sidi Mimoune ... which are home to rare species of birds.