This wonderful Italian city is often considered to be the cradle of civilization in Western Europe, as it is here that the real idea of democracy was born, but it was also home to what many consider to be the greatest empire ever seen. Today, the achievements of that wonderful history can still be seen in many locations throughout the city, and it is widely considered to be one of the most important cultural and romantic destinations in the world. If you are traveling to the city, it is worth spending time preparing for your trip, getting an understanding of where in the city you would like to go and what you'll be doing. For a real taste of what you can expect while you are there, this impressive virtual reality video takes in a few of the highlights of what is on offer in the city, and gives you the freedom to take a look around.

The Key Sights That You Cannot Miss

Rome's most famous landmark is the Colosseum, one of the oldest, and still one of the grandest sports stadiums in the world, and exploring the site is a must for those making their first visit. There are plenty of other attractions dating from antiquity, with the Pantheon and the Roman Forum among the sites worth visiting, while the National Museum at the Baths of Diocletian has a great collection of artifacts from the Roman era. Among the other sites that are worth visiting is the impressive Trevi Fountain and the Quirinal Palace, which is the official residence of the President of Italy.

Quirky And Unusual Things To Do There

As you would expect from such an historic location, there are plenty of oddities dotted around the city, and the Monte Testaccio is a hill made up of the millions of shards of old Roman jars that were dumped in this location. You can also see a skull that is said to be that of St John the Baptist in the Church of San Silvestro In Capite. Located in a park on the Piazza Vittorio, you can even find an alchemist's door dating from the seventeenth century, which is a doorway installed on a large rock that is covered in magical symbols.

Visiting The Country Within A City

The Vatican is one of the most important religious sites in the world, and the home of the Catholic Church is well worth visiting if you get the opportunity. The spectacular roof of the Sistine Chapel is the most famous of the artworks that you can see during a tour of this small independent country within Rome, but in truth you will be astounded by the thousands of paintings, sculptures and other art to be seen in this location where you can easily spend a full day.

Getting Around Rome

If you are thinking of renting a car here, it is best to wait until you are leaving the city as the roads around the city are small, confusing and difficult to navigate. However, getting around on food or by bicycle is perfectly possible, while there is also a bus and metro system that is efficient and affordable.

Food And Drink To Savor

Another of the reasons why Rome is such a big attraction is the excellent food, and if you really love the Italian ingredients and style of cooking, then talking a food tour of the city is a great experience and will take you to where the locals shop and eat. 'Pizza a Taglio' is a thick crust pizza served by the slice from stalls and bakeries around the city if you need something quick, but if you are looking for a restaurant meal then it is worth heading away from the normal tourist districts. Ice-cream is a big deal in the city and in the summer it is a refreshing dessert, so look for the gelaterias that advertise 'Produzione Propria', which means that it is homemade or made by the owners of the shop.