Other Places will showcase still images by photographer and award-winning filmmaker Tao Ruspoli. Shot in remote locations across the world, the pieces manifest Tao’s unique perspective on life and take the viewer on an eclectic journey to places unseen by most. This is the artist's first solo show.

Large-scale photographs available in limited editions (40 x 60” and 30 x 90”) will be featured in the exhibition, in addition to a curated mosaic of smaller images.

Ruspoli is the son of Prince Alessandro Ruspoli, the 9th Prince of Cerveteri and Austrian-American actress Debra Berger. Born in Bangkok, Thailand and raised in Rome and Los Angeles, Tao graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Philosophy. Primarily known for his work as a filmmaker, the versatile Renaissance man (and self-confessed bon vivant) is also an accomplished flamenco guitar player, co-founder of The Bombay Beach Biennale and previously of LAFCO (The Los Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative).