For a mountain lover the Italian Dolomites are a dream come true as each season unveils a stunning natural beauty, most of which are UNESCO world heritage site, and a divert selection of sports and activities that can keep the whole family entertained for days.

Especially in summer, where temperatures can be quite high all over the country, escaping to the fresh air of the Italian Alps can be a great excuse to experience a luxury holiday in Italy. And if you are looking for unique corporate trip ideas, our luxury travel advisor can design the ultimate incentive that will excite each and every person.

The town of Cortina, otherwise known as the Pearl of the Dolomites, is where all the Italian elite and the European aristocrats gather each year around the middle of August, during the Ferragosto period and during the Christmas season which is one of the biggest special celebrations in Italy. This town is great for families that enjoy shopping or that have teenagers that want to go and have a great night out in one of the many clubs or at some of the town’s exclusive events. As a child, I remember arriving at the Charming Pianozes lake and fishing for hours looking to catch the biggest fish out there before heading home and make my mother cook the most incredible of meals: what a satisfaction that was!

But what really differentiates Cortina from the rest of the other towns in the Dolomites, in my opinion, is its one of a kind scenery. In fact, within a 10 minute drive you can have access to beautiful Rifugio huts with breath-taking views over the mountains while enjoying perhaps one of the typical dishes called Casiunsei, a type of ravioli filled with beetroot and cooked in butter and poppy seeds. For adrenaline lovers there is also the possibility to rock climb with an ex Italian champion who will take you for a thrilling adventure through his favourite mountains.

One of the most impressive parts of Cortina is actually the one that is connected with the neighbouring Alta Badia area. You can star on the top of the stunning Lagazuoi mountain which has arguably one of the best views in Italy and make your way down through the dark passageway which was created during the world word and breathe in a piece of history!

Once you pass the Lagazuoi area you literally feel like you have crossed a border and you are entering a new valley, the one of Alta Badia where the Austrian influences “intensify” as you enter the charming village of San Cassiano. Here you can notice that there is a different sense of hospitality and offer, perhaps not as glamorous as Cortina but definitely authentic and with a warm vibe, making you feel instantly at home. It is not secret that even Austrians both during winter and summer come and experience Alta Badia. With a great selection of stunning hotels with state of the art facilities such as kids mini clubs and spa, it is the ultimate destination for families. And if like myself you are a true foodie, you will be in for a treat as this area has one of the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurant in Italy. So much so, that we often organise for our clients a Michelin star table swapping experience where for each course you get to hop from one Michelin start restaurant to another.

An experience that not only allows you to taste the wonderful local produce at their very best but also to discover each chef’s personal interpretations of local cuisine.