Being a 21st century boy in the showbiz world and a rather vain one at that, I am not lost around a spa. In fact, I have become quite a demanding and fussy patron of purveyors of ‘wellness’. So when I was invited to visit a day spa in the heart of Firenze, I had my doubts; as Italian spas, in my experience, lack a certain modernity and with the historical restrictions that can limit facilities in this small gem of a Tuscan metropolis, I thought I would surely encounter a tarnished style over sleepy substance.

I was wrong. And so very happy to have my initial prejudices blown out of the (salt) water. The amazing Lugarno Spa is such a find that I almost want it kept my exquisite little secret. But ever the giving kinda guy, I will share.

Lugarno Spa is the brainchild of Marianna Comotto. A sophisticated and beautiful young entrepreneur who has poured her heart and soul into creating an urban retreat that is unlike anything I have experienced. A mix of east and west, which is a description thrown about, but in this case it is true. And subtle. Nothing is ‘in yer face’. The research and care that she has gone to to present a smooth and comfortable environ is evident.

I approach the elegant and discreet entrance beyond an opulent looking palazzo on the banks of the river. The palazzo I learn was a haven of the beautiful people in the late 19th century. A glamorous countess threw wild and lavish house parties that made it ‘the place to be seen’. Now resides a hidden utopia within it’s great walls.

Upon arrival myself and fiancé are greeted warmly and shown to our individual changing areas. We are given dressing gowns and explained our two hour itinerary, then given a tour.

But wait – something is missing.

Other people! Yes, that’s right. No other marginally attractive or terminally ugly guests are there. Clients are booked in on an individual basis. You literally can fantasise for two hours that you sold your soul to the devil and were rewarded with a full-service heavenly spa within your home.

The first facility we are introduced to, in the dimly lit room, is the saltwater pool. Large and kept at a soothing temperature, it has pummelling hydro-jets, changeable light colours and a waterfall, that beats your back like a spurned lover.

Next is an incredible shower area with a collection of water jets and rain showers that hit you from every angle and temperature – this is called the ‘emotional showered’ area.

There is a steam room and sauna as well as an incredibly intimate relaxation room with loungers. Handmade chocolate and fine herbal teas await us after our water therapies. The attention to detail is impressive.

For the next hour we will have the individual treatments chosen.
Me: an O2 facial and massage
GF: Far Eastern facial

They use a combination of very special products from Europe and the Far East and are in the process of developing an exclusive range of Lugarno Spa products to be launched soon.

The treatments put me to sleep in five minutes. Wonderful and plumping i.e. looked much younger and ‘oxygenated’. The GF couldn’t stop looking in the mirror after.

Never rushed and left with staff at a discreet distance, it is no wonder that this spa has attracted international stars and those with a discerning taste for luxe and jaded peeps with a real need to relax, far from the maddening crowds and the fatties. Two hours in this place felt like a week away and we left warm, cleansed and all together prettier and more contented than when we arrived.

Lugarno 28 SPA srl
Lung'Arno A. Vespucci, 28
50123 - Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055 2399039