Bucket List!

More or less we all know what a bucket list is. Generally it is said that a Bucket List is a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying, but I want to pick the definition in my own way. For me Bucket List is the list of things that keeps you motivated towards whatever you are passionate about, and never let the child inside you die. It makes you feel better every time you check out your list, and every time it triggers the energy within yourself to pursue your dreams. It is a list of some parts of your life that makes you feel alive in a true sense before you die actually. Today we are going to get a notion on how you can prepare a bucket list of your own that will keep you motivated through this mundane world.

Planning on travelling?

I am sure, you must have thrived to visit some particular places that you watched in a movie, or read about in a book or simply seen in a picture. You thought of SOMEDAY if you get any chance to visit that place you would be the first one to grab the plane. Isn't it? So don't be late to make your list ready. You never know when fate knocks on your door!

Pursue something you want to achieve

Everyone has some targets in life. It might be getting a degree, or getting admission in a particular institution, touching a milestone, or may be something simpler like, publishing a story, or getting break from an audition! It can be anything! So what's yours? What are those hidden targets that make your life more meaningful? Think about it, target it and make a plan on going for it!

To Be Something for Your Personal Pleasure, Not Professional

So, why always bother about money, food, clothes, home, car rents and all that? You have a beautiful heart, and playful mind; don't let it die in your regular mandatory tensions. Nurture your passion, find out what would you want to do for yourself only that would only serve your spiritual pleasure. You may take a tuition on how to play guitar, if you’re passionate about music. You may want to learn how to dance Salsa, or to paint your heart out. No money, pure pleasure of soul will be served through it.

To Meet Someone Special

Haha! I don't have to ask you, but I know for sure, there are some special persons you would die to meet at least for once. A character? Or a star? Or a band, I know there must be something special, and you think that it's a miracle to get the opportunity to meet them. But trust me, I heard somewhere, that, "a miracle is an incident that seems impossible, but happens anyway!" So why not take a chance?

To Eat Something Special: Food

Can you smell mind-drooling aroma of a delicious juicy Italian Pizza? Or hypnotizing flavor of a finely roasted yummy Turkey? Okay, not making your day harder, but food is something that's rather easy to put into your bucket list, because it is comparatively easy to tick down! And you would not even have to face so many challenges! But in my cases, I guess I have to travel around a lot to fulfill each and every one. Though I am not giving up anyway!

What About Being Crazy

Remember what I said in the beginning? Bucket list is the list of those particular bunch of things that never let the child inside you die. Why? Because that is the bucket which holds your dreams and all of your crazy wishes! No bucket list is complete without having some absolutely crazy staffs enlisted in it, telling you. Have you ever given a thought of spending a whole night under starry sky? Or bungee jumping? Think about it. Let the crazy you struck your mind and heart in full speed!


Another implication of Bucket list itself is adventure! Chasing your dreams, leaving behind all the worries and fears of this world, carelessly, recklessly and desperately longing to quench the thirst of adventure by taking the road of unknowns! Haha, so now it's time to include some adventures!

To Change Something in Yourself

Yes, that can be a part of your bucket list too. If you want to learn anger management for several years, or want to change some of your weak points or bad habits, it is rather good to put those in your bucket list so that whenever you check the list those keep you motivated towards your goal and someday, you would become a better person than you think.

Want To Get Some Physical Change?

Anything is allowed to put in your bucket list! Many people think of working out day and night so that they can lose some extra pounds, but unfortunately never get enough motivation to wake up in a fine morning and start jogging! So, put it in your Bucket List, and pin it down as one of your wish to be fulfilled. Let's see for how long that keeps you motivated. Trust me, Bucket List is a fun thing, and when you start enjoying it, even regular boring work outs become a joyful pleasure. And when you would finally make it to the end; when you would achieve your target, you will feel like a warrior who has conquered one of the battle and it would radiate more energy in you to go for other staffs!

To Win Something

A long cherished dream it is to win something! I never fancied for winning a lottery, or a competition, but now I have a dormant seed of crazy wish to win something. I want to win a blogging contest and want to win a free trip to anywhere I want to visit in this world! So, what about you?
What is it you want to win?

To See Something Special

Want to see something special? Anything! A place, or a particular thing or a mountain, or a river, it can be anything that interests you. For me, how can I die before visiting that place which was the birthplace of my first ever aim in life! 221B Baker Street, where might Sherlock Holmes lived on the pages of endless thrilling detective stories. This is the one place for which I want to visit London. Another one is a silly wish of a silly girl who wanted to become a Princess! A palace, was always been my dream-place to visit, to find out whether I was a Princess in my earlier life! Haha! A palace always attracts me, specially, these palaces from Medieval Period are truly magnificent! That's why, I had to put Ireland also in my list! And a place which amazed me more through some magically written words, from the book of E.M. Forster, A Passage To India the ancient Marabar Caves of Chandrapur, where the consolidation of mystery was formed. Perhaps visiting the place would help to find out what was actually happened to Adler.

Leave behind Your Trace: Want To Do Something For The Community

Remember what Augustas Waters, from the movie Faults in Our Stars says? That the one thing he is afraid of is "oblivion"; He wanted to be remembered after his death by his deeds, and he wanted to leave behind traces of his works. For me, why not good causes should be included in our bucket list that would regularly radiate positivity, kindness and good-wills in your heart, making you feel happier! I think it's a very good idea.

So, finally, you have reached the end of the Bucket List session, but your journey does not end here! Tell me, share with me what is it that you want to put in your Bucket List? A Crazy one? Or a very dangerous one, even an impossible one is also allowed! After all, I too want to witness a miracle in my life, want to fall in love crazily, and also want to discover myself... may be marginally it touches the line of 'Impossible' but again, what did I say about miracles? 'A miracle is something which seems to be impossible, but happens anyway... ' and now I recall who has said it. It's Griffin, the last of the species of Alien Unicorn who visits Earth in the movie Men in Black 3.

Have you watched it? Haha! Never mind!