Competitiveness: It is what we are increasingly facing on personal and professional level. Are you qualified enough? Are you beautiful enough? Are you smart enough? Are you witty enough? Are you strong enough? Are you resilient enough? Are you attractive enough? Are you successful enough? Are you educated enough? Are you wealthy enough?

Overwhelmingly, everyone is becoming more and more obsessed with the perpetually narrowing standards of the modern life we inhabit.

The commercial lifestyles that are sold to us are spreading on a huge scale, these are mainly based upon unquestioned consumerism of unnecessary goods and products. The market feeds on creating demands and making us believe they are essential for our survival. Thus, most people are leading hectic lives to compete and catch up with commercial fallacy. People are seeking constant evaluation and reassurance: do they fit with what is demanded in the name of perfection and happiness? People embark on a journey of never ending competitiveness with unattainable ideals. There is so much pressure to attain false idealism of commercial beauty, commercial success and commercial happiness.

However, if we sometimes manage to overcome or avoid the pressures of this bombarding commercialism, modern community remains the alternative weapon. You may be evaluated by your family or friends onyour appearance that is not quite up to the standards. Your boss will make sure that your potential is serving the market. The professor's mission is to put you on the right track towards commercial success. Everyone will guide you to be among the masses, to join the competition, because heading in a different direction will trigger their insecurities that commercialism appeases rather than threatens. You must be a participant in the race and win what is deemed worth the struggle.

Yet, have you ever thought of surrendering, of not caring, of accepting your imperfections, of enjoying the simplest things around you? Submission is the key to genuine success. It is the key to a success we ourselves deem perfect, to a happiness that satisfies us not others. Have you ever thought of giving up on social status, professional ranks, financial classes, academic levels? They might be important in one way or another, but how important is for you to decide.

Surrender to your intuition. Embrace your perception. Follow your visions. Decide your priorities and accept what is or learn to change and adapt. Learn from failures. Cherish your uniqueness. Personalize your own life and stop comparing. Quit the race. Celebrate diversity. Take risks. Be different. Venture into the unknown. Cease chasing security and here, now, just surrender.

The real questions are: Enough for what? And could standards ever be communal? The one answer is: We are beautiful just the way we are and so is life; as simple as that.