You can just Google and find thousands of things that are waiting to advice you on "how to be happy" from each & every angle you could not even imagine. But you know what, you do not even have to take so much trouble to make yourself happy. The smallest, the slightest things around you can bring a big smile on your face, make your soul fresh and ready to regenerate. You just have to give it a try!

Let me take you on a tour to what makes me happy instantly, that I am sure, would work for you too!

1.Starting With a Simple Cup of Lemon Tea

"Lemon tree, very pretty
And the lemon flower's sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon
Is impossible to eat..!"

Have you heard this song of Peter, Paul and Mary? If not, then you must! Anyway, though the fruit of the "poor lemon" could be useful in some cases! Why don't you make a cup of lemon tea for yourself? Give yourself a treat. Take the cup to the balcony, seat and relax. Let the smoke of hot tea get vaporized in the thin air while you can just close your eyes, take some long breathes and take smell of sweet and mild fragrance of lemon. Feel the warmth around yourself! With little sips, enjoy the tea. You can think whatever you want, but trust me it will make you feel a lot better!

2.Minions & Penguins, What Else Do You Need?

No offense, but if you do not love minions, or if you do not admire penguins of Madagascar for their ultimate awesomeness, you have no right to be happy at all! Though we have watched those animation movies for hundred times, but you cannot deny you laugh hard every time you see it! You have no idea how a packet of chips and a cool animation movie can turn your mood completely on! You can even go for some new releases too, if you are sure they are good.

3.What About a Crazy Dance?

Does not matter if you can dance or not, shut the door off, get full volume and turn on your favorite music. Let your body feel every beat of it; let your every part get flexible with the rhythm, and just step on! Dance, like no one's watching :) This will generate so much energy into you, that you are bound to feel some sparks in your heart!

4. Lets Get into a Relationship with Foods!

Of course I am not suggesting you to proudly gain 10 or 15 kgs within one month or so! What exactly I am telling you is to appreciate the foods and getting rid of regular mundane menu. Go for tasting new foods. Haunt down what is good in the city! If you are that much enthusiastic, start cooking delicious foods, try new recipes! You gotta admit, good food is an inevitable key to good mood!

5. Ordinary Girls Cry; Pretty Girls Go Shopping

No, again, it’s NOT about putting you into bankruptcy. It is just like giving yourself a treat. You have saved 5 or 10 thousand bucks for this and that you need. Just take a minimum amount out which would not harm you and go for shopping. Look around and buy something for yourself. Something small or pretty or anything that you don't NEED, rather something you WANT! Trust me, it helps.

6. Go for an Adventure!

Adventure is not something that can be only done by having a trip to Amazon facing a man-eater giant anaconda! Why so serious? Think of a place in your city you have planned to visit for a long time but could not manage it somehow. Get a tour there. Or get up early in the morning, pack your camera, put your hat on, and just go for a photo walk. You can just get a boat ride or simply spend a whole night under starry sky! You always don't have to kill yourself to experience an adventure!

7. Chase Your Passion

Love music? Or to paint? Or to write? Never ignore what you actually LOVE to do. Not all people are born with talent. Some people spend their whole life to get one perfect quality they thrived to achieve for themselves but could not manage to do it because they are not born with that potentiality. When you have it, don't let it go wasted. Chase your passion, may be that would become your biggest source of happiness!

8. Be Kind, Be Happy

I have not seen a self-centered person becoming happy. They are always skeptical, bitter and to the worst envious to every good things they see around themselves. Be kind to people, help them, fight and stand for good and noble causes. You would not only be happy but also one day you would start respecting yourself.

9. Admire Yourself for Whatever You Have

You don't have to be Bill Gates or Miss Universe to admire yourself! Love yourself because you have a pretty smile, adore yourself because you know how to play guitar! It's nowhere about being a proud jerk or an arrogant show-off. It's about creating a small place in your heart for whatever you are and whatever you do. You have to continuously motivate yourself towards the things you love to do (Check out how to motivate yourself here). If you would not love yourself, then who are there to take care of your poor being in this rude and cruel world? Huh?

10. Don't Smile; Laugh Hard

Don't go for those thousands of sugar-quotes where they say so many "God-knows-what" good things about smile. You cannot hide even a single sigh while you smile. When you smile your eyes don't sparkle, your cheeks do not get red with warmth of joy, your breathe does not get enough heavy that can make you forget what sigh is and how sigh is! You have to laugh hard! With all the energy you have. Only then you could again feel what it to be actually happy is!

So go for it!
Live, love and laugh!
Life is once, don't waste it with deep shits. :)