A few weeks ago the population woke up in the morning with news that haunted the homes of every citizen of the world. The news did not concern the consequences of the global economic crisis we are experiencing today, nor the migration of Syrian refugees to the European countries. The newest pandemonium that is scaring the world’s population is currently present in the daily meals of those who are not consider themselves vegetarians.

These stories that were broadcast via TV news reports, newspapers, magazines and especially on the Internet, are warning people that the WHO - the World Health Organization - has included processed meats like bacon, ham and sausage on the list of most dangerous food responsible for the increase of cancer formation index. To make matters worse, it was not only processed meats. The traditional red meat has also been included on this list.

As usual, most people absorb this kind of news by focusing solely on the branches of information, while failing to seek the source of the problem at the roots. The main root of the problem is that this food being consumed by most citizens daily transmit a disease of which little is still known. And the most important question: why? Traditional medicine claims that it does not have any definitive conclusions about the origins of the formation of various types of cancer. However, you can find a very convincing ground in other areas, such as ancient Chinese medicine, which claims that our body is connected as a whole and our feelings work together and influence all our metabolism through the release of still unknown substances.

Research conducted in studies on the subject show that most men who develop prostate cancer at a young age are men who retract their feelings so as not to expose personal intimate feelings due to their personal ideological reasons. People who develop throat cancer are people who often cannot speak their minds at various times, either by submission or shame caused by the situation.

Besides to these repressed feelings, daily stress we suffer due to enclosed environments also affects our body by generating free radicals that are responsible for the manifestation of disease and premature aging, such as traffic jams or travel on airlines with very small space to accommodate. And if the stress caused by confinement in places with limited space can change all of our metabolism, what makes us think that animals would be different?

In the meat “producer” factories today, animals are confined and enclosed in an extremely limited space, where hardly have the ability to get around. In the case of the pig, the animals are raised in captivity congeries next to each other, and slaughtered with tremendous violence that if we observed would possibly make us reflect on our consumption of daily meat.

In this line of reasoning, it can be deduced that cancer transmitted to us through our daily consumption of flesh is linked to feelings of stress that animals suffer when they are slaughtered. Due to the brutal way they act in factories of various types of meat, chemicals released throughout the animals body at death remains there, stored in their muscles, tissues, and consequently in their flesh, making it impossible to extract because it case of substances that besides unknown, are injected directly into the cells via the bloodstream.

In case you are one of those people incredulously in the holistic knowledge, and accepting only what science and traditional medicine does have to offer the world, then we can take another train of thought. It is possible that the cancer being transmitted and developed through the meat consumption is linked with the bad conditions of animal development, and because the genetic changes that few only people knows about.

When we talk about genetic manipulation of animals, most citizens remember only the famous sheep Dolly, the first cloned animal in the 90s that became a global celebrity, and believe that every experiment has ended by not observe more news related to the subject in large media. However, what few, and when I say few I mean a very few number of persons, is that most of the animals that are slaughtered for consumption in the world today have undergone some genetic manipulation, and thus their means of natural survival was affected.

Pigs of old times, feedstock of bacon, ham and sausage, were fed with food waste (washing), as well as the cattle were fed with pasture. Today, these animals have been genetically manipulated so that they may eat only the ration provided by large meat “producer” companies. And even if you try feeding the animal with the traditional washing or pasture, even this being the primary food of these creatures, there is a rejection by the animal because its genetic code was changed so that it feeds only with the ration. And as the ration is weak and does not have all the nutrients needed to supply the basic needs of the animal's body, ultimately weaken your body.

And not even the fish are safe. In South America, for example, are very few people can buy salmon in supermarkets, for what is produced there under the name of salmon is actually a salmon trout raised in captivity. Trout also receive a ration as food along with an orange dye, which guarantees the same look of a salmon. And only tastes more accurate as the kitchen chef's can identify the difference from one to the other.

In this line of reasoning we can deduce that the cancer that is being transmitted through meat is directly connected to the manipulation of the genetic code of the animal, as there are no long-term studies to determine what are the consequences and the impact that this type of change will on society. Together with the feed being given to the animals, because if the food does not have the nutrients needed to supply the need of the animal, so to ingest the flesh, this also would not be able to supply our needs.

It is possible that the solution to this new pandemonium is in the Kobe region of Japan. The Kobe beef is regarded by chefs as the most noble flesh and the softest around the world. In Kobe, cattle are literally pampered and treated with kindness, getting the best quality pasture, sake, classical music and even massages performed by workers in the region. And there is no rebate. The cattle is only sent to slaughter when they die of natural causes, thus preventing any stress caused by this situation. And if the taste and texture of this meat has attracted your attention, you can taste a Kobe beef burger in the most luxurious Las Vegas hotels for the “modest” amount of two thousand US dollars, served with soda and chips.

The region of Kobe could be the solution for all meat eaters on the planet who worry about the formation and development of cancer by eating this food. However, due to the high number of citizens who need this supplement in their daily diet, it would be practically impossible to meet global demands with Kobe techniques, because every day it becomes increasingly necessary to rebate more and more animals around the world, putting meat consumers in a vicious cycle, where increasing need to consume is proportional to the increase in the rate of cancer formation in consumers.