After spending eight months in my blog-writing career, I can clearly assert that I love to adopt versatility in my works, approaches and also in my life-style; I was lost in an ocean of "what to do", and now I am preparing a boat so that I can sail it in the ocean of "to do things as many as possible".

However, today I will not discuss about that thing; rather, I would like to share my personal guide-line that continuously motivated me to keep going. Even if I had passed bad times and went into hibernation, even took a long break from what I was most passionate about- writing. So I did a bit thinking, analyzing and tried to find out what was going on that kept me from doing thing; what was the reason that was responsible for it. Then I came up with a theory.

You might face many phases in your life; good, bad, extremely good, worst ever possible, excited, frustrated, bored or busy- but you will never know what would send you into a state where you would feel like you have to do this and that; but even if you feel the urge in your belly, somehow, you simply would not do it.

Why? Well, the answer is simple. You just don't feel like implementing your urges into reality. Instead of knowing that time is outrunning, you feel indifferent. Now the striking question is why do you feel so indifferent?

As I told you before, human lives are passed through various phases and at some point you just become unable to push yourself further. And once you let the "not-doing-anything" virus into your mind, it spreads like cancer, and takes a lot of time to get removed. Sometimes it takes such long time that you miss your train.

Recently, I had been through this kind of a phase and not to mention I was trying hard to get pass through it. I have termed this state of mind "Living Coma", where you are completely able to do everything, still you don’t do anything. I wanted to generate the power of motivation inside me but it's not that easy you see? To motivate yourself, to push yourself further to get the engine started.

It might be not that easy, but not impossible at all. Here I have noted down some solutions that eventually worked for me.

Self motivation is something which you have to do it by your own self

Say the things to yourself which you would love to hear; repeat those words continuously in your mind that would make you feel better. Find out if something is bothering you then try to think about a minimum possible solution. But you must remember solution should come in a positive way. If I hate to see someone's face that I have to see on a regular basis anyway, I would not plan to humiliate that person rather I would continuously motivate myself to let it go, because, that part does not matter anymore in my life.

Do not only make plans on your mind, but also move your body!

Such as, I was planning to clean up my room for a long time. It was such a mess. I knew somewhere in my mind that even if I am being lazy, I actually do not like seeing these craps and stuffs lying here and there. It took some times, but finally when I did it, breaking the ice of my body-parts I actually moved on to clean my room, trust me, it actually made me feel a lot better!

Give it a try!

I know I am not feeling like studying, but at least I take a book in my hand every night and I go to bed to sleep with a book in my hand. Couple of days later, I opened the book curiously and actually read some pages. You have to make up your mind first. Let your mind get used to with the things you are about to do. It’s like tuning a guitar before you start playing or like pre-heating an oven before you start baking. Spend time with it. Just give it a try!!

Engage yourself with an obligatory job where you have no way but to follow the rules and have to work both physically and mentally

I was suffering from the "Breaking silence" issue for many days; I was upset, why? It’s because I could not write a word. I was upset not because my pending works are still pending but for that I felt a blank space by not writing a word and it made me feel more bored, more terrible. As I was in "Living Coma", it took something else to wake myself up!

I got involved with a conference team work where I had to travel from one district to another and had to attend the conference as a part of the documentation team. As we were hired, not voluntarism anymore, I was already obligated to note down, make reports, listen carefully and write carefully, and send the reports in time. It worked like a tonic. New experience, new people, new networking and an excitement of doing something really new just resurrect my enthusiasm back!

And here I am writing for you AGAIN! Oh, I almost forgot how good it feels to write every word and slowly drawing the conclusion! No more today, I am looking forward to write the main issues I planned for a long time !

Stay well, Stay alive and Get Inspired, because all the source of inspiration generate just within you!