Movies tend to romanticize love and relationships. That’s why there is always misunderstanding about the concept of soulmates, thinking that they will be our companions for life, with whom we have a special connection that will last forever. Soulmates are much more than that actually. Here are 4+1 truths about soulmates.

1. Each of us has more than one soulmate

Each of us is reserved more than a soul mate in this life, but sometimes we struggle to accept it. When we lose the person that we thought was our soulmate, we think they will not meet someone else like him or her again. In this way, we adopt a perspective of scarcity and we are not able to see the abundance of life. The reality is that this person probably had finished his task with us, took us to a higher level of awareness and for that reason is not helpful anymore for our evolution. Everything is going perfectly. Do you really believe that the Universe, who always wants your highest good, is punishing you? The Universe is always working for you, not against you. For everything that is taken out from our life, there is something else ready for us.

2. It is not necessarily to live with a person everyday

Here is another belief that ruins our existence. A soulmate is not necessarily the companion for life. It can be a person with whom you feel a deep connection at a spiritual level, but maybe it’s going to be a complete disaster in the daily life. Each encounter we have has a purpose for our evolution in different and mysterious ways, trust life.

3. A soulmate relationship triggers our evolution, even in a painful way

The relationship with our soulmate is not always issue-free. Sometimes you cannot even stand your soulmate’s presence. Other times, there may be obstacles dictated by our fears, limiting beliefs, inner conflicts (for both) that do not allow us to have a peaceful relationship. Very often, in fact, a soulmate acts as a mirror and shows us our limitations. We seek her/his presence and at the same time we stay away from it because it enlightens our shadow. This is a blessing for our soul, but a great annoyance to our ego that is forced to deal with those parts of ourselves we often hide.

4. You may push your soulmate away if you’re not ready

Sometimes we are not ready to welcome a soulmate in our lives. We will need a bit of time to work on ourselves. Sometimes it is simply not the right time to be together. But not now, doesn’t mean it will never happen. If it’s meant to be, it will happen, but we also have to play our part. Pay attention to your inner dialogue. If you think that “men and women are all the same”, you will always be disappointed in every kind of relationship you may have. How can your soulmate find a spot in your life if you think that people always behave badly? The words we choose have the power to change our perception of the world. Repeating positive affirmations every day is very effective to change our inner dialogue. And finally, always remember that…

5. The right person for you is you

Very often we think that once we’ll finally meet our soul mate, we will be truly happy and fulfilled, everything will be more bearable and we will begin to live the life we have always wanted. The truth is that you already know that person, you spend 24 together, every single day of your life and that person will never leave you. Only that person will be able to make you happy. That person is you. Before looking for Mr or Mrs Right, ask yourself if you are the right person for you. Don’t wait for someone to save you. Save yourself! Do things that make you happy. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people and become the person you want to be. A soulmate is the person with whom you will share that fullness and happiness and with whom you’ll have the deepest and strongest relationship you’ve ever imagined.