Wellness in the Wilderness

Disconnect to Reconnect at Campi ya Kanzi

21 MARCH 2016
Yoga Instructor, Tricia Cruz practicing at Campi Ya Kanzi
Yoga Instructor, Tricia Cruz practicing at Campi Ya Kanzi

There are many of us who spend our days doing the the same thing day in and day out and it can take a toll on us. We may not notice it at first due to the routines we develop for ourselves. Sometimes this can effect our well-being, from the way we sit and stand or hold our bodies up and can also effect our relationship with ourself. We become detached. When was the last time you went out for a walk and enjoyed the breeze, or took some time to slow down and watch the sunset after a long day of work?

We feel that getting that quiet time or choosing to spend an hour of your day doing something you love and enjoy is so crucial to finding that balance, which we understand is not that easy in this day in age! We think it’s about time you find that oasis for yourself, a getaway for you to become well in-tuned and re-acquainted with the wilderness and all it has to offer! Who doesn’t enjoy a little adventure every now and then?

In the middile of the Chyulu Hills, Kenya is Campi ya Kanzi, a community rooted luxury ecolodge that not only creates a unique African safari experience for their guests but have now created a flexible wellness retreat component where their guests can also enjoy yoga classes by the pool and or meditations in the middle of the savannah at sunset. All classes are guided by their certified resident yoga teacher, Tricia Cruz, who is registered under the Yoga Alliance. All the classes are driven in such a way to accommodate all levels and encourage all who participate to breathe with mindfulness and move with intention. There isn’t a place more paradisical than with Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop while you move and breathe through yoga poses!

A typical day at Campi ya Kanzi can consist of a morning wake up call with tea and coffee that you can enjoy on your private veranda as the sun rises before either a game drive to track elephants and lions or a rejuvenating yoga flow. After lunch, while overlooking the beautiful Chyulu’s from the main lodge, Tembo House, guests can either do some yoga by the pool and leave for a hike up to the Cloud Forest or opt for a restorative yoga session at sunset after their afternoon activities. We feel that it is the perfect place to unwind and destress. There is nothing else surrounding you but the vast wilderness and the wonderful Maasai staff that also help run the lodge with it’s Founders, Luca and Antonella Belpietro.

The camp also runs and offers a week long Yoga Wellness Retreat for keen guests that want that scheduled practice included into their safari planning. They will be guaranteed guided morning and or evening yoga sessions, with breathing exercises and meditation included. Guests will be practicing yoga in one of the most beautiful places on the earth and become immersed in the beauty of Ernest Hemingway’s “green hills” of Africa. It’s a place where you can give yourself a chance to decompress, reconnect, transform and be inspired daily by your surroundings and by your own yoga practice.

Text by Patricia Cruz

For more information on safari retreats, their upcoming Wellness Retreat in May and other inquiries, visit www.maasai.com