We are a group of friends and we travel together for over twenty years on a Path of growth and evolution in the simplest way: living life consciously.

We met in different ways and times, we came from even more different ‘worlds’ and we have very different ages.

We are still wondering how we have been able to ‘travel’ together while being so different in everything.

We had only two things in common: a heart of a child who was looking for the 'True Love', a Soul that was looking for freedom to fly high in the Sky.

We started to be together in the most common way, sharing long walks, outdoor games and moments of refreshment.

None of us thought of creating a group, nor had some “purpose”: we got on well together and that was what everyone was looking for.

We started to disclose our difficulties, wishes, failures, the wounds of the past and everything we had in our heart.

Then, we have been 'taken by the hand' by the Angels, that through the channeling; gave us Their huge Love satisfying our heart, bringing an endless peace to our seeker Souls.

We got constant confirmation of how much They knew our innermost part never expressed and everything else about us.

Kindly and softly, they helped each of us to become aware of what hindered our serenity and what prevented us to receive and give the ‘True Love’.

We call it ‘True Love’ because we realized that what we used to consider as Love was shrouded in needs, wishes, sufferings and shocks that led us to fear Love unconsciously, while desperately looking for it.

Who has the courage of opening the heart, risking bitterness, disappointment and suffering after experiencing great pains, shocks, mourning, refusals and abandonment?

The Angels helped us to heal our wounds, overcome our personal difficulties, at every level, and light everything we had set to protect and defend ourselves. We noticed how many 'shields', 'walls' and 'distances' are created unconsciously to avoid pain, difficulties and obstacles.

We observed how many ‘clothes’ and ‘masks’ people wear unconsciously or consciously to look like in the way they want to be recognized, to attract, manipulate, possess and surround themselves of what they consider important, to feel safe.

Just so, we could understand how much that trapped our heart and the wings of our Soul.

The Angels went on help us with deep awareness, seemingly easy to understand, very beautiful and fascinating awareness, but not easy to live in a daily life made of work, relationships, etc., in a Western society.

Then, we understood the meaning of what the Angels told us: “Your Path is a very simple path, but not so easy”.

It was very difficult for all of us to bring down our ‘walls’ and ‘barriers’ and rid ourselves from ‘shields’ and ‘clothes’, leaving schemes, habits, acquired skills to get what we considered as necessary and satisfying.

It was very painful to leave who or what we thought were 'sources' of Love or contentment, when we discovered that they were actually ‘dry sources’ that would never give us the water we were looking for, but only the murky water of illusions.

We pulled up our courage to come out from the certainties of the present and the future when we understood that they were ‘prisons’ or ‘golden cages’.

We suffered, cried and struggled, we fell down and then we raised, we stopped and then we restarted.

There was the boost of a great motivation: ‘to be free, to live as free people’.

Then, we realized a common dream: living in a simple Country, with simple people, in the pristine nature, being sure that by living like that, it would be easier to live a free life.

And here is the greatest surprise: true freedom is not freedom from something or someone, but freedom from oneself.

So, everyone replaced the ‘spade’ used to ‘dig’ his ‘land’ with the ‘chisel’ to ‘craft’ himself.

Surely, carving marble would be easier…!

If we used to walk the Path all together, sharing, understanding each other, helping, loving with compassion for ourselves and others, now everyone had ‘his own Path’ he could walk rich of knowledge, awareness, experience, but alone. Walking by oneself is not because there were no more friends, rather because on these Paths people walk according the everyday choices to what steps he wants to make, what he wants to craft, how to go on, which actions he wants to carry out and, above all, according to the intensity of how to do this and of time that everyone allow himself.

Friends can continue to support, understand, love, give their hands, highlight the beauty of the heart and the Soul, but they cannot do what it is up to us only.

Only like that, we can get the true freedom, expressing our Essence to the utmost.

We were able to do all that and continue to do that thanks to the great awareness, several ‘games’, visualisations and meditations offered to us by the Angels.

Even our wonderful experience in Nature helped us, with all its elements, with its visible and invisible Creatures and, above all, with the ‘invisible real world’ that Angels are helping us to know day by day.

Angels helped us to live in Nature like children to browse together the ‘Great Book of Nature’ that teaches us Life, teaches us Love.

That is why it became a ‘House’, a ‘Shelter’, a ‘Source’ and a wonderful ‘Magic Park’ for us.

With Angels, we realized that Life is a ‘Special School’ where to learn, experiment, grow, evolve, by simply living it as a ‘big game’ that can be known only after playing.

In this ‘Special School’, we are not required to study, rather to play, sing, dance, laugh, love, give to others and give ourselves.

Now, we go to the world as walking Souls recognizing everybody as Bright Souls that teach us to love, help, give to others and give ourselves.

And so the lesson will not end.

Our Path was actually an extremely simple but not easy Path, studded with strong and painful experiences, daily difficulties and obstacles, in total uncertainty.

But it was even more studded with wonderful and unforgettable experiences, incessant ‘Gifts’ and helps from our Angels, the constant miracles of the Great Light, that leads us to continuously express gratitude.

The great patient and uninterrupted ‘chisel’ work we are doing on ourselves is helping us to become children again and live as joyful children, in simplicity.

As children, we live by playing, singing, dancing, to live everything intensely and responsibly, to overcome every difficulty and obstacle, to face any challenge and adversity and to avoid hearing the ‘hits’ of the ‘chisel’ of our Soul…

As children, we fall asleep in our Angels’ arms, sure of their total protection and immense Love.

The messages given to us by the Angels contain very simple and clear words.

The ‘games’ and the expressions suggested by Them to overcome everything may seem too simple and easy, and so our mind often prevents us from grasping the great help they can give us.

Only by living and expressing them, we understand the great alchemy they let them happen inside and outside us, the deep changes allowed by them, the healings they create, what they let us get, the purposes they lead us to reach.

The Angels ‘Words’ contain some ‘subtle meaning’ that are revealed to us as we grow and evolve.

Therefore, they have not a time and are not for a time.

We tried and verified all that.

That is why we wish to share and offer the messages given to us by the Angels, since they contain Their vibrations and Love.

So that everyone, like us, feels that he is sweetly loved, lovely helped, protected, supported, sustained and reassured, always, everywhere and in everything, ininterruptedly accompanied.

In order that our inner Child feels accepted, recognized, sweetly loved, to run freely and sing happily to express himself completely.

It’s our inner Child that leads us to the ‘High Peaks’, that will teach us to ‘fly’.