If we do not love ourselves, how can we give love to others? Loving ourselves does not mean being selfish. It is exactly the opposite. Loving ourselves is the key to happiness. What does it mean from a practical point of view? Here are 13 ways to love yourself!

1. Give yourself a flower

How many women expect their partner to give them flowers? Do not wait for people that do it for you. Surround yourself with your favorite flowers, appreciate the scent and the beauty of the colors!

2. Take a bath and/or a relaxing massage

What could be more beautiful and cuddly than taking a bath or a relaxing massage? Make it a special time, all for you, in which you take care of your body, the temple where your soul resides.

3. Do the things you enjoy

How much time do you spend reading your favorite book, going to the gym, and calling a friend and how much time is the one you spend to meet the needs of your family, relatives and at work? Make sure you plan some time for the little things that will brighten your mood.

4. Attach post-it around the house

Write some positive affirmations or your favorite quotes on post-its and stick them around the house. Read them from time to time. This is best way to deeply change in our belief system and plant new seeds for the future.

5. Go on a date with yourself

There is no need to wait for the woman or the man of our dreams for a date. Go on a date with yourself. Wear your elegant clothes and go to the restaurant where you would like to be taken. You are in your own company, the most important person in your life!

6. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in peace

Especially in the winter period, what could be better than a nice cup of tea or coffee maybe with a blanket on the sofa, in peace, with no distractions? This is another way to take a break and a boost for your mood.

7. Go to places you would like to discover

How many of us have a list of places they would like to visit, but they continue to put off waiting for someone to go with them? Again, do not wait, act now and book your ticket!

8. Grow a new interest

Cultivate a new hobby is a great way to learn to do something new, to give space to our creativity and expand their circle of friends. Dance classes, cooking, foreign language, photography or ceramics... you choose the one that interests you! You may discover talents you did not think you had!

9. Eat in a tasty and healthy way

We are what we eat. If we want to feel vital, healthy and full of energy, we need to choose natural foods full of life and energy. Eating healthily does not mean sacrificing the taste, absolutely! Have you ever tried raw desserts?

10. Say no, if that's what you want

Because I do not want to create conflicts, I strive for harmony and peace and also because I want to help all those who ask me, saying no has always been a challenge for me. Behaving like a good girl or boy who always says yes it is one of the ways to ruin your life. Sometimes we do it for the fear of hurting the feelings of others, to make us feel loved and appreciated, not to be alone. Before you say yes to someone, check with yourself if this is what you really want!

11. Learn to ask

Sometimes we are so proud that we want to defend our belief "I do not need anyone" so we do not ask others for help even when we would really need to. Other times, we expect others to have the magical power to read our minds and guess our needs. Put your pride aside and express your needs. If you feel overwhelmed and you can delegate, do so.

12. Meditate and write on your personal journal

Allow some time to be really with yourself and meditate. Start with five minutes and gradually increase. Write down on your journal things you you are grateful for and that make you happy. You will attract even more abundance and happiness in your life!

13. Learn to let go

This is perhaps the hardest lesson to learn in life. Everything happens for a reason, every person we meet has something to teach us and will remain with us for as long as necessary. Trust the fact that the Universe has some perfect plans for your evolution and your highest good. Take a deep breath and let go everything that you do not need anymore in terms of people, situations, emotions and make room for something greater!