Perhaps it is one of the hardest lessons to learn and put into practice in life, but also one of the most important in order to have a happy and harmonious life. Whether it is our past, a love or a situation, letting go is one of the actions necessary to bring peace in our hearts. But how does it work? It is definitely an attitude that takes time and courage, but it is possible. Let’s see 6 steps to let go of all that no longer serves us.

1. Try to understand the reasons behind your attachment

Why is it so hard to let go a person or a situation that makes us suffer? Very often it is because we are afraid of being emotionally alone: the emotions we feel might not make us feel comfortable, but they keep us company. If we let go of what no longer serves us, we would end up facing an emotional void, exactly what we fear. But it is just from this break into our heart that we will allow a new light to filter into our lives!

2. Accept the situation for what it is

Once you understand the reasons for your emotional attachment, you need to accept the situation for what it is. Everything is perfect as it is, and everything happens according to a perfect space-time sequence. The Universe wisely guides us in every moment of our lives. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is not visible to our human eyes, in this precise moment, but it is for the Universe and probably will be for us in the future. Trust life and its wisdom. Positive affirmations are a very powerful and effective tool for creating new awareness within us.

3. See the opportunity, not the loss

When we experience an unpleasant situation, we might ask ourselves “Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong?”. By doing this, we assume a passive role of victim and this certainly does not help us feeling better. How would things change if you asked yourself “What is happening for me in this moment?”. Life occasionally needs to push us to guide us. Life is like a plant that needs a bigger pot when it grows. If we don’t remove the plant from the pot that has become too small, it will not receive nourishment to grow and it will die. If we change the pot, it will grow strong and robust. Sometimes even life (or God) changes the pot of our life, it removes old relationships, old jobs or situations without any doubt, because he knows that we need a new land, a bigger pot. Why are we afraid of not getting a new pot?

4. Live the present moment

When we feel nostalgic and melancholic for the past or anxious for the future, we miss the only certain and the most precious moment of our lives, the present. Everything is perfect as it is and all that is meant to be, will be; the present moment is the best time to express our gratitude for what we have. Getting worried is always a great waste of energy, as it is bringing up a past that it is not there anymore. Breathwork is a great way to bring us back into the present moment, it also helps us to let go of emotional blocks that we still have and puts us in touch with our life force.

5. Give voice to your emotions

Regaining the emotional balance requires time and patience. There could be days in which you are feeling down and you start thinking about the past. Any feeling or emotion you feel is acceptable. There is no need to push sadness away, just let it be. Label your emotions and write a diary of how you feel. Find ways to express your emotions, let your creativity flow without any judgment.

6. Give yourself permission to go ahead

We all deserve the best in our life. To get it, you need to believe that you deserve it. Give yourself permission to move on, to turn page and write a new wonderful chapter of your life. Every moment is new and fresh and carries an opportunity. It’s never too late to become who you have always wanted to be, to try new things and love again!