Observing the world around us, we come across an infinite number of thoughts and wonder why things couldn’t be otherwise, or more precisely better. Despite the many blessings around us, we still witness a lot of misery befalling innocent people. As long as we share this world, we are all responsible for whatever is happening on this earth, near or far, it is our duty to strive for a better world so these words don’t just remain far-fetched thoughts. These few lines are some of those observations, and it is imperative that we implement a radical change to achieve what we should strive for.

Instead of following, strive for initiating.
Instead of coping, strive for what is just.
Instead of nationalism, strive for solidarity.
Instead of submissiveness, strive for rebellion.
Instead of a bank account, strive for a brain account.
Instead of blaming others, strive for taking responsibility.
Instead of personal interests, strive for communal welfare.
Instead of accepting brainwash, strive for critical thinking.
Instead of living in denial, strive for the courage to face reality.
Instead of a subdued life, strive for the invincible human spirit.
Instead of labeling, strive for comprehending the unity of this world.
Instead of useless arrogance, strive for an endless growth of mind and spirit.
Instead of seeking material prosperity, strive for maintaining an ecological living.
Instead of reckless fanaticism, strive for a naked and transparent approach to life.
Instead of surrendering for modern slavery, strive for the right to genuine freedom.
Instead of running after hollow success, strive for harmony with nature and your fellow humans.

Having expressed few ideas, another observation worth sharing is that nothing in this world is safe from change. Even the firm principles that people consider as solid rocks are nothing but a passing wave on the shores of life. A keen contemplation reveals as well how people have created a system to supposedly serve them and ease their life. Yet, eventually they have ended up serving the system and making sure that it is never affected by the urgent needs for the sake of which it was originally established until the world has become a slave factory of subdued humans. Looking at things from that perspective is integral to fully comprehend the need for a radical change, despite the many blessings the world still endows us with.

When wondering about the purpose of the life we live, I came to the conclusion that life doesn’t contain purpose or meaning, it contains us so we create our purpose and make life meaningful. Whatever we go through, success, failure, laughter, tears, happiness, sadness, mistakes, awards, sickness, health, joy, pain… they are all integral ingredients of life. If one is missing, a vital part of a whole is missing. Enjoy every moment, enjoy your sadness as being sad is joy itself. Frustrations are the light we need to illuminate the darkness around. Tears are essential to dig deep into ourselves and come out with more enthusiasm and wisdom. The more we are hurt, the farther our vision is. Mistakes brings us closer to our existence, they incite us to treasure what we have and will have. It feels great to know as well that growth happens when we break the walls of the familiar to build new ones in the premises of the unfamiliar; and enlightenment happens when these premises expend endlessly without any walls. Each experience is a thrilling exploration of the vast world that lies within us. Venturing into that world brings about great wisdom that bridges our inner selves with the world outside. To sum up, these lines are some further thoughts inspired by told stories and lived stories.

It is from your darkness that I grew brighter.
It is from your waste that I made glowing gold.
It is from your shallowness that I dived deeper.
It is from your meaningless life that I sewed my purpose.
It is from your empty beliefs that I envisioned my convictions.
It is from your lifeless breath that I felt the beating of my heart.
It is from knowing you that I knew what I am not.
It is from loving you that I knew how much I despise you.

I am through the body, but I am not the body.
I am through the voice, but I am not the voice.
I am through the eyes, but I am not the eyes.
I am through the touch, but I am not the touch.
I am through the name, but I am not that name.
I am though the feelings, but I am not those feelings.

So, when you search for me, ignore the things through which I am; and seek beyond what you see.
And, when you intend to hurt me, you will hurt all those senses through which I am.
But never you will be able to break beyond what you see.