Since I was a child, I have loved Nature very much and I spent much time in the fields, woods, among flowers, along a beautiful stream.

Trees, flowers, water, ants, fish, birds were all my friends and I used to play and chat with them.

I felt that they knew my heart and understood my words and I felt what they expressed to me.

I was sure that other Creatures were living there: I did not see them but I perceived them clearly.

I felt surrounded by true friends who loved and understood me.

This was my Home, my World.

When lying on the grass and looked at the Sky, I was sure that beyond the clouds there were other friends, another Home, another more beautiful World.

My life was studded by very painful deaths since I was a child. The Souls of these beloved people who left this world appeared to me sometimes, in different places, but always in the Light and with a great and reassuring Love.

When I was 24, I lived the experience of the coma and of the tunnel of Light. Has been wonderful but at the same time lacerating.

It was a wonderful experience because it was a confirmation of that world I perceived when I was a child and because I felt the true Love, the great peace, the ecstasy.

It was a painful experience because it was like going back Home, in a Home of Light, Love and peace and then was carried away again to be catapulted in a world that never felt my and where I felt uneasy.

Then, I was very confused because I did not know anything about the coma and this experience, and I feared to share it.

I was left with a deep and indescribable nostalgia that took years of elaboration before being accepted and loved by me.

The experience of the tunnel of Light opened in me a big door on the world of Light, Love and peace.

Since then, the Angels accompanied to me Souls who desired to bring a love and help message to their loved ones.

At the beginning, I was very reluctant to do that, because it was difficult and embarrassing for me, especially with strangers.

But the Angels helped me very much, because these Souls let their beloved people recognize them through some details that only their beloved person knew.

I had the same reluctance and embarrassment even when the Angels gave me the first channeling, because I felt unsuitable.

I was able to overcome this reluctance only after receiving confirmation of the help and Love that the Angels’ words brought, or the messages of the Souls that flew to other Dimensions.

This is why I have an immense respect for these Worlds that are Holy World for me, that remain unknown for their greatness and immensity.

Therefore, I‘ve been always remaining in the welcome of what and of Who came from these Dimensions.

I never tried to cross their thresholds, although desired to be nearer the Souls who left this world and I loved and still love increasingly.

This happened even when I was able to overcome my reluctance and go beyond my feeling of unsuitability that, however, I still have.

The Angels and these Souls helped me to live the relationship with Them in a simple and natural way, like a child.

I feel that They love me immensely, gently help, protect, reassure, support and accompany me uninterruptedly in everything, in big and small thing of daily, of life.

That is why I feel honored and very happy when They let me see and hear Them more intensely.

I never ask for that, because I am sure of Their incessant presence.

They taught me to ask for Their help even in smallest thing, seemingly trivial and practical things because this allow Them help me even more.

I do that and it is a confirmation of Their constant presence, help, protection and, above all, Their immense Love.

Many shocks, strong events and very painful experiences happened in my Life, but I was able to overcome everything thanks to the Angels’ help who continue offer me the wonderful feeling of being a child in Their arms.

This leads me to be increasingly in love with the Great Light and the Angels.

I’m immensely and uninterrupted grateful to them because they gave me the opportunity of knowing the greatest source of satisfaction and happiness: offer my life to Light, Love, being at the ‘Service’ of Light and Love, donating myself to the Souls I meet.

I accompanied and I’m accompanying many people in the ‘Awakening’ of the Soul and in the path of personal growing.

I did and I’m doing that even with a group.

I walk with them intensely and joyfully along a Path that led us to live unbelievable experiences in different places.

I talked about this Path in the previous article.

I’m very grateful to the Companions of Path that allowed me to grow in the art of helping, to learn how to love, help, support, reassure, respecting the choices of everyone.

Thanks to them, I realized the necessary equilibrium in donating oneself completely and uninterruptedly, leaving others free in everything, even in choosing what can make them suffer.

With the Angels, I rediscovered my Essence of child and, as a child, I walk happy in the world, holding Their hands tight.

Every morning, I ask Them to take me where I need to be, to help me in doing what I have to do to be uninterrupted at the ‘Service’ of Light and Love, to be a ‘Means’ and ‘Gift’ for Them and to realize the design of my Soul.

This leads me to live totally abandoned and happy to collaborate with Them in all, for all and for everybody.

It was and it is an immense joy to collaborate with Them in creating books that collect Their Messages and donate them to all Souls.