If you’ve ever heard the expression “New year, new you,” you aren’t alone -- many of us love a fresh start. Now that we are into the New Year, it’s time to reflect on who we want to be and how we want to live this year.

Many of us focus solely on health, fitness and nutrition. For example, a good portion of us resolve to lose the extra pounds we gained over the holidays. But this year, I encourage you to try some new resolutions that will be good for your mind, body and soul.

Here are some resolution ideas to provide inspiration:

1) Do something every day just for you. Just think about how satisfied you will be if you do a little something just for you. Perhaps you take a daily walk, enjoy a nice cup of tea, read a chapter of a book, plan that vacation you’ve been dying to take, pause each day to take deep breaths, or talk with a friend every day. Feed your soul, start with you and the rest will fall into place.

2) Do a good deed for someone. Giving feels great, helps your community and is beneficial to your well-being. Find somewhere to volunteer, make dinner for a family going through a struggle, or donate some household items you no longer need. One good deed may lead to another..

3) Step out of your comfort zone. This one may be easier said than done, but we all benefit from trying something new. Whether we are enjoying a new cuisine, taking ourselves to a movie all alone, auditioning for a play, getting involved in a sports team or sharing our feelings with someone we’ve got a crush on, the risk is worth the reward. Stay optimistic and realize that the regret of not trying feels worse than trying and failing. Stop wondering “what if?”

4) Stay connected. Connections with people are what it’s all about. It’s easy to get busy and wrapped up in work and the daily grind, but don’t forget the value of a chat with a family member or friend. Beyond simple social networking, texts and chats, the genuine act of making a phone call, having a video chat or sending a handwritten note can keep your far-away loved ones feeling special and close.

Stay Positive and Stick With It

Make your resolutions positive and enjoyable in such a way that they will have immediate benefits on your life. Find something that you value and that will enhance your experience and how you feel about yourself. It starts with you -- resolve this year to take care of you and those you love.

Happy New Year!