Most of the people are convinced of the fact that reality outside influences our lives. According to this point of view, a day of bad weather, an accident, a car trouble, a mishap, a family or work problem, an illness, everything shall be interpreted as ‘misfortune’, or better ‘sucks’ in the modern jargon. How many times have you said or heard: “You see, everything happens to me!” or “Nothing I do comes out right!” and still: “There is no one loser than I am!” and other similar ones.

Well, let me tell you a secret, my friend. To tell the truth, we create that reality with our own thoughts, our limiting beliefs and convictions. In fact, at any given moment, we attract into our lives situations which strengthen our thoughts, either positive or negative. Every time we give ourselves over, we put ourselves down for some reason or we are caught up in that kind of thinking, we are doing a negative statement and, according to a recent study, 70% of our thoughts is negative or self-critical. In fact, it’s enough to pronounce sentences such as: “I can’t make it” or “I’m not capable” or “I am bound to fail”, to change reality into a negative one. The more the mind is drenched in negative thoughts, the more I will project outside a negative reality. This occurs, for instance, when we are in anxiety or panic, when we are depressed or when we are blocked in the past, because sadness, rage, hate, desolation, despair, revenge, anxiety and whatever else negative will predominate, which will rebound on your body and makes it sick. Or when the mind is projected in the future, forging thoughts full of anxiety and worrying.

If it is true that we are living the present on the basis of the past, it is necessary to change our brain patterns in order to improve our future, starting with using daily the positive statements, until they become a habit. Once you have understood how to control your mind with these simple and powerful statements, you can also start controlling your reality. To make you understand the point better, I invite you to reflect upon the fact that the words and the language have shaped our planet in the world that we know, think about it well! Some simple words pronounced by someone caused catastrophic wars, so as many other nice words have given birth to inventions, scientific discoveries, books and other extraordinary realities. As a consequence, if words can change the world, they can also forge your daily reality, do you agree with me?

Before we start training with the positive statements, the first step is to remove from our everyday language all the present negations, substituting them with their exact positive opposite. For example, instead of saying: “I can’t make it”, we can start saying: “I know I can make it”, instead of saying: “I am worried about my exam”, we can start saying: “I am prepared and I am sure the exam will be all right” and so on. Once we have reached such a level needed to review completely our language, then we will be able to handle the positive statements so well that they will become part of us. They will become a habit and it will be natural to get up in the morning while repeating our positive statements to put the day to good use and to go to sleep while repeating those to put the night to good use, during which the statements will impact clearly on our subconscious and they will shape gradually our reality.

At first, we can use general statements, such as: “Everything is fine in my world”, “I feel safe”, “I am healthy”, “I love myself and the others”, “The Law of Attraction brings only welfare into my life”, “Life is a wonderful gift” and so on. Later on, it is possible to personalize the claims, guiding them towards the goal that you are intended to achieve. For instance, if I want to change job, I can create claims as: “Now I find a wonderful job”, “I know that a rewarding job is waiting for me”, “The perfect job for me is coming”, “Now I am starting an amazing job”, etc.

Training on the statements pretty steadily and with some perspective, little by little the expected results will be achieved. In fact, the claims are a powerful tool to forge our reality, therefore one must sow before collecting and good seeds will give birth to another just as good harvest. As a consequence, with a little patience, we will get to outstanding results, to the process of the transformation of those brain patterns which have caused the present negative reality, either because the past had an influence on it, with its limiting beliefs and convictions, or because the anxiety of the future affects it. New positive brain patterns which will bring joy and happiness into our life will so be arisen.

I personally find it extraordinary to work with the positive statements, the only effective way to combat limiting and negative beliefs, convictions, speeches and my intent here is just to make you aware of the ‘know-how’ relating to this powerful approach, about which you have probably heard, but you might not be convinced of it. This is just the reason why I believe it is necessary to provide you with some guidance to use it properly. You know, most people, as I mentioned above, are convinced that the claims do not work, simply because they use them wrongly.

In fact, in order to make them work, first of all you must pronounce them loudly, spelling any vocal out, feeling them as your own statements. Remember that they must impact clearly on your mind and, in order to make this happen, it is necessary to put your feelings in repeating them. The visualization may be helpful for you in this context, by imaging that reality through the emotion that is given rise by that statement. Secondly, you must trust the spelled words, believe in them, not ‘parroting back’ the sentences, since your subconscious needs time first to record them and, then, to change your brain pattern into positive. Furthermore, you have to use the present, not the future, you must pretend that your goal has been reached and you describe it in current reality. Indeed, if you use the future, you will achieve your goal more slowly. In a few words, it is just like recording the fact as already occurred or verified. Finally, you must trust the statements, you must place confidence in them and in the work you are doing thanks to them. Otherwise, you will compromise your work since the beginning, and you will have just wasted time.

If you follow my advices, you will see your reality changing in a short time and you will be amazed by the results achieved. You will be surprised to see the people around you changing, to find out an unknown world for you, to receive compliments, gratitude and kind gestures from who, before your personal growth path, seemed to be unfriendly to you.

After all, Buddha himself has stated that: “We are what we create” and I let you reflect on this statement.