Karma is not a punishment or a reward, but a natural consequence of the lifestyle choices you made consciously or unconsciously. Any sufferance or pleasure that the soul could experience in the actual life is caused by choices made in the past.

Of course, it would be amazing if we could get information about all those belonging to the generations preceding us! Therefore, it’s not so simple, since all of us have got a line of ancestors who keep on influencing both positively and, alas, negatively our lives. As a consequence, in order to live serene and balanced either in the presence or in the future, it is necessary to heal the mistakes and the sins of our ancestors. In a few words, we must “clean” our Karma. This will allow us to remove from our memory all the recollections and the convictions related to the past, which will be later on substituted by positive convictions and beliefs beyond healing experiences. Hence the importance of positive thinking: if we think positive, we attract people and situations with our same vibrations, if we think negative, the same thing will happen in negative.

But what is Karma? We can define Karma an energy, as any other existing thing. The term “karma” in Sanskrit means “act”, “action”, which is neither good or negative, therefore it may cause pain or joy on a spiritual level. Negative energy will always go back to the place where it has been caused and positive energy will do the same, since negative actions have always negative consequences and positive actions have always positive effects. This is why a lot of people have compared the karmic debts to the physical notion of “cause and effect”, because, to tell the truth, also in the spiritual world, so as in the physical one, every action has got a consequence or reaction.

The concept of Karma is often compared to fate too, but it actually depends on us and on our choices. In fact, going back to the meaning of the above-mentioned term in Sanskrit, according to the Buddhism, Karma is a stabilizing force which calls into balance good with bad: good actions take you towards happiness, while bad actions have got opposite consequences. According to this principle, everybody is responsible for their actions and our present is nothing but a consequence of the past, while our future will be the consequence of our present actions. Be careful: Karma does not mean to pay for something bad which was committed in the previous lives, but rather to keep on repeating the same negative patterns of the past. As a consequence, if in the previous life a person kept on incurring burglaries forever, could hardly find a job or stole, he will go on repeating this kind of “archetype” in the actual life, using the terminology of Jung.

Karma makes us understand that each of us follows his own path on earth according to his own actions and his own decisions and that, any action, leads always to some results, either positive or negative. And not without reason the Sanskrit indicates with the word “dharma” the positive actions carried out with love and respect and with the word “karma”, precisely the negative ones, which cause grief.

All of us may realize to have a heavy Karma, made up of several debts, it is easier than what you believed. How? Well, when you see that everything falls to pieces, everything seems to work against you, everyone seems to be mad at you, you have problems in various fields and different areas, then your shoulders are lumbered with a huge load that you are dragging along your mission to the world. Then, it is high time you got rid of that burden and lived your serene and balanced life.

At this stage, it seems necessary to me to step back in order to recommend you some precautions so that your positive actions turn out to be significantly higher than the negative ones, in order not to make you pile up the karmic debts. Remember this, if you want to live well!

1. Understand if those people or situations can teach you something

Remember that in any situation there is something we must learn, even in the negative ones. Yes, because the people get into our life not for nothing, but to teach us something, showing us a side of our character or lifestyle to be improved or changed. Therefore, learn that lesson and make it yours. It will help you during your personal growth process, along which all the lessons you have learnt will be useful to you during your path. Any person getting into your life is showing you the right way to be followed in order to evolve spiritually, remember this!

2. You should know that it is often better to shut up

It is often better to shut up, since, doing so, we learn the power of words. This will help you to weigh your words when you talk, so you will do it without insulting, criticizing, denigrating, manipulating or devaluing the others. Words are a very powerful weapon and they are to be considered before being spoken.

3. Surround yourself with positive people and situations

You must be surrounded by a positive environment, which enacts positive vibes. So, forget about toxic relationships and just focus on what makes you feel good. Step away from negative people kindly and learn to grow only positive people. Furthermore, give up criticizing and judging the others, learn to face up to your responsibilities, to respect yourself and the others and remembers that everyone has got his own story, therefore you cannot know the background of other people.

4. Forgive and shake off the emotional load that generates negative emotions

The negative emotions, such as rage, revenge, hated, grudge, jealousy, envy, guilt, shame, anxiety and whatever negative have an impact on the body and make it sick, generating in you only negative vibrations. If, instead, you choose to forgive those who have hurt you and, first of all, yourself, not only you will get free and you’ll make the others free, but also you will pave the way for love to you and to the others. Keep in mind that, very often, who has wronged you is only paying you back for the bad actions you committed towards others in the past! In fact, you can deal with souls you harassed in your previous life and that give you back your bad actions, keeping alive that vicious circle trained from those negative patterns which caused the first debt and which is absolutely to be broken up.

5. Just do positive thinking

Remember that the words you use create your reality, therefore the more you speak positively, the more you attract positive situations and people towards you. Your words, your choices and your actions are very powerful means to “clean” your Karma and to ensure both healthier present and future to you! In fact, if you keep on repeating the old negative patterns, you will hardly get the purification of your karmic debts. The positive thinking is the basis of the removal of karmic debts: the more your life is positive, the more positive actions will get back to you and it will be these ones to nullify your debts. After all, it is well known that “you can catch a lot more bees with honey than vinegar!”

6. Love yourself and the others wholeheartedly

Love yourself and love the others, do whatever you like and which makes you feel good, do volunteering, help people, take care of animals, show love, gratitude and respect towards everything and everybody. And, most of all, trust in life and in universe, that strives hard for your spiritual, physical and economic well-being.

If you follow these advises, your existing debts will be settled, since the positive energies will be far beyond the negative ones. A bit like the financial debts: the more payments you make, the sooner your debt will be paid off. Otherwise, you can always take the route of regressive hypnosis or address to an expert psychic medium, who will be able to “clean” your Karma with specific rituals and techniques which, of course, will require some kind of effort on your side so that it stays clean. Not by chance, Gandhi wrote: “What you sow, you will gather. The law of Karma is inexorable, the avoidance is impossible”.