You are always known through your projected personality. Everybody wants his real personality to be hidden. But your halo always represents your real personality.

(The Sacred Book)

When you start an holistic healing path, thinking positive is basic, of course. Therefore, before turning our negative thoughts into other positive ones which will lead us to joy and happiness, it is absolutely necessary to clear our halo, that energy which every human being unleashes, that light radiation field which surrounds the human beings, reflection of their own inner essence. As a consequence, we already know, without realizing it, what halo is, that is the energy which we issue and soak up. And I am telling you more, we are also able to see the halo of people around us, of things and environments.

In fact, we are plunged in the halo, that is our energetic field. In a few words, the halo field of each of us is a colored light beam, which is subtle to most people and subdivided into 7 layers, corresponding to the 7 Chakra. Just because of the fact that it surrounds our body, in some cases, if the person is particularly stressed or not under balance or in harmony with herself, the halo may appear as damaged. Indeed, it shows traces of painful unsolved experiences, either recent or old or very old ones, which create a blurred of the energy field, which, in turn, has an impact on our perception of reality and may seriously affect us, slowing down our growth path and our way towards wellness and welfare.

As for the 7 layers, they belong to 3 different planes, spiritual, astral and physical planes, tapering gradually as they head away from the body. These layers affect each other because they are connected the ones to the others. The cleaning of the Aura allows to work just on those layers of grief-energy found on our own person and to dissolve the psycho-emotional blocks and the karmic knots which hinder welfare and harmony of life.

The Aura may appear in different colors:

  1. Red, connected with aggressiveness : if dark, it shows anger and wrath, if light, love;
  2. Orange, connected with mind and thought: if light, it represents spiritual and mental upliftment, if dark, useless intellectualisms;
  3. Yellow, connected with mindfullness: if light, it represents balance and altruism or deep mindfulness, if dark opportunism;
  4. Green: if brilliant, it shows curiosity, wish, cognitive curiosities and innocence, if bright, great intuitive capacity, if dark, it represents frustration in any area;
  5. Light-blue, which endorses altruism and humanitarian spirit. If brilliant, it shows implementation skills outside the ordinary, if dark, it shows introversion, fear, masochism and poor love towards life, if spotted with dark red, it means it needs dominating;
  6. Blue, associated to those who seek the answers inside themselves. If sparsely dotted with gold, it is very spiritual, instead a blue with black streaks shows a person who uses the power selfishly;
  7. Purple, associated to kindness and harmony. If bright, it indicates inspiration, devotion and mysticism, if dark it indicates the highest degree of evolutionary knowledge;
  8. Brown, linked with diseases or confusion;
  9. Black, which expresses great fears, a totally negative period, mental weakness and materialism;
  10. Pink, which indicates moments of inner peace and happiness;
  11. Lille, which symbolizes wonder and joy;
  12. Grey, that indicates instability and indecision;
  13. Turquoise, which symbolizes the balance between spiritual and physical urges;
  14. Indigo, which means a mixture of intuition and spirituality. A halo represented by this color means that a person is gaining a certain state of knowledge, even a spiritual one;
  15. White, symbol of a bright and solar person. It is often found in the first layer. The persons equipped with this color are extremely high persons.

So, in short, these colors provide us with information about the health status and the personality of the person that owes themselves and, if imbalances are noted, then cleaning is used to eliminate them or to remove any traces of negativity, that is stress, fear, worries, beyond the negativity that other people, sometimes even unconsciously, transmit to us.

Of course, this does not mean that we have to live isolated from the reality surrounding us in order to avoid those people we believe to be negative, even because, as already stressed in my other articles, all the persons getting into our life, have been attracted by ourselves for some reasons. Yes, also the negative people, who, as a matter of fact, reflect shady, dark and repressed sides to our own personality, with which we are called upon to reckon. So, you have to be very careful not to misunderstand the meaning of the cleaning of the halo, since it is only needed as protection, not as a mean to get rid of the negative people. In fact, if it was like this, then we would not be responsible for the surrounding world and for ourselves, because the world, after all, reflects us.

From accurate studies that I have run personally, it follows that the cleaning of the Aura reduces or removes the blocks that are rooted within us or those Spiritual debris that affect us unconsciously and that may “stain” us when we get in touch with people or partners from “dirty” auras. There is even who, according to these considerations, states that we should not go to bed with negative people in order not to be influenced in terms of energy. However, I believe that, if a person attracts us so particularly that we desire to share our intimacy with her, obviously her negativity, somehow, concerns us. In any case, the energy cleaning could help us to remove definitely any unwanted energy of the partner, in such a way as to reduce its negative influence on us. And in this sense the cleaning turns out to be very useful for us. Anyway, I really want to clarify that our life depends on us and we do not have to blame others for our penalties and problems, it is a real immature gesture.

So, do the cleaning of the halo only if your purpose is to unload negative energies too difficult to deal with, on the contrary I do not recommend to do it if you need it as an excuse not to take the responsibility of your life, overturning outside a reality which, instead, is inside you.

Now let’s go explain the different ways in which it is possible to do the cleaning of the halo, that, mostly nowadays, are diffused. The go from the simplest ones, which you can perform at home without any problem to the most complicated ones, which require the intervention of professional operators. One of the simplest method is the one with the Epsom salts, which are to be added to water in order to encourage the removal of the minor psychological debris, followed by swimming in the sea, that seems to be very regenerating and by the meditations for Aura, which should be done at least morning and evening. On the contrary, for the most complicated methods, as specific rituals which belong to the shamanism or similar esoteric disciplines, you can address to expert psychic mediums, who will perform the ritual even without your presence, however they will ask you to keep the effect thanks to some practical advices relating to meditations or cleaning showers and similar ones. But I give you an advice: before doing the cleaning of the halo, make sure your thoughts have turned out into positive ones, otherwise you will cancel out the effect!

All the negativity, all the bad thoughts, all the bad expressions from you weaken your avoidance force.

(The Sacred Book)