Many of us carry grudges for years and years. With this, we get to be right… But we never get to be happy. If you’re holding a grudge, you’re holding anger and using up valuable creative space and energy which you could use otherwise.

Workplaces can be repositories for many offenses that we find difficult to forgive. Gossip, lies, unfair treatment, insensitive communication, conflicts, office politics and the list goes on.

These places can present countless opportunities to practice ‘forgiving and letting go’. Being unwilling to let go is a terrible thing to do to ourselves.

One of our biggest life lessons is to understand that everyone is operating from their own level of awareness. People are who they are, and often we can do nothing to change them. It is a waste of time trying to “get even.” It doesn’t work. For our own growth it is necessary to free ourselves and move forward.

Achieving workplace forgiveness allows you to be happier at work and more flexible when others hurt or offend you. It also helps you to develop positive work relationships and use your energy to reach both your personal and career goals. In forgiving you set yourself free!

Four powerful steps to letting go

Recognise what about the situation/person made you upset.
When you feel upset, the emotions are so overwhelming that it is possible to lose perspective. Gain clarity about what happened recognise what the person has done or is continuing to do, that is not OK. This information helps you set boundaries in the future.

Acknowledge and release your pent up emotions.
Like a festering wound, the emotions that you store inside of you, can become infectious. Find a way to fully feel and express your pent up emotions. Talk to a trusted friend, write in a journal or simply speak it out to yourself in the mirror. Empty yourself of the resentment.

Own your own power.
Know that you have the power to choose what you will feel in a situation. No person, place or thing has any power over you unless you give it to them. Choose to own your power.

Focus on what you have control over.
Realise what you can control and what you can’t. Instead of replaying what happened over and over, figure out a new, positive way to focus on what really matters to you.

Mindfully practicing these four steps to 'Letting Go' can create a quantum shift in your leadership abilities. If not now, when?