5 Continents Editions

5 Continents Editions


5 Continents Editions, an independent publishing house of art books, was created in February 2002 by Eric Ghysels—Belgian and Armenian by birth but Italian by adoption. Today the company is an undisputed leader in the production of books dealing with the traditional arts of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania. Its publications concentrate on art in the broad sense, taking in archaeology and ancient, modern and contemporary arts, but also the decorative arts, fashion, design and photography, among others.

Guided by the conviction and enthusiasm of its director Eric Ghysels, a small dynamic, professional and keen team—as well as being multilingual to facilitate relations with authors, artists, foundations and museums around the world—instils the company’s books with that “extra spark” so highly valued by the publisher.

The impact of the page design, the excellence of the images, and outstanding texts by eminent authors, combined with highest quality photoengraving, printing and binding, ensure that the books produced by 5 Continents Editions are a tangible reflection of all forms of expression and creation infused with authenticity and inspiration.

Specialist international distribution ensures the books—published principally in French and English, but also in Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Chinese—reach all points around the globe. The philosophy of 5 Continents rests on deep awareness of the human relations on which every project is based, as well as on a code of ethics, a constant search for excellence, team spirit and a publisher, the director of a small company, who understands that “his best resources are his collaborators and suppliers”.

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