From 8 September to 17 October 2015, Galerie Photo12 will be presenting for the very first time in France, the series ‘Seduction’ by photographer Lennette Newell.

In this series, the animal is at the center of the photographic lens. It has a prominent place while the human is pushed into the background. Lennette Newell rewrites the traditional rules of representation and perception.

The human has to be accepted by the animal, resemble it and let themself go. Men and women’s bodies are painted in colours with skin patterns, coats and scales to imitate felines’ grace and elegance.

The photographer succeeds in capturing moments of perfect harmony through a glance, a movement or a simple interaction between two beings considered as equals. Liberated from imposed hierarchy and natural order, creatures communicate and sometimes even merge.

Lennette Newell

Born in 1959 in Nebraska, Lennette Newell pursues a career in the field of commercial photography, in which she has obtained numerous awards for advertising campaigns, such as Blue Buffalo, Iams, Milk-Bone & Meow Mix, giving her international recognition.

Simultaneously, Lennette Newell devotes her time to personal projects in osmosis with the animal world, which has led to a series of works celebrating species beauty and diversity.

But her actions do not stop here, the photographer aims to raise awareness of the importance to preserve and provide the best protection for those species and their natural habitats.

Her photographs have been presented in diverse cultural places, such as the 3rd International Fine Arts Documentary Photographs Biennale at the Municipal Heritage Museum in Malaga, Spain; at the Dolores Art Laboratory in Volterra, Italy and at the Bestregarts Gallery in Frankfurt, Germany.