RBcontemporary is pleased to present the new monographic book Fabrizio Ceccardi - Landscapes published by Silvana Editioriale curated by Claudia Zanfi. A selection of the works will be exhibited.

Boldness, monumentality, anti-conformism. These are just some of the terms we might associate with the artistic research which for more than 30 years has been part of Fabrizio Ceccardi's visual investigations.

Deserts, plains, lakes, and immense universes, in which nature is powerful and the artist aspire towards a direct dialogue with these spaces, beyond all constrictions and confines. Just as the artists of Land Art try to upset the pre- established order, Ceccardi also seeks out new spaces and new meanings. Images in which atmospheres run after from one another, in which horizons gives rise to the union between sky and land, with an original perception of time and space.